Arab mother shares her advice on how to survive life with values intact

From the Arab Spring to the invasion of Kuwait, Mona Al-Hajjaj shows how she navigates Middle Eastern life with optimism and humility in “Dear Jawaher”

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Dear Jawaher

"Dear Jawaher" by Mona Al-Hajjaj

In “Dear Jawaher” (ISBN 1463669623), Mona Al-Hajjaj offers motherly advice to her 2-year-old daughter that crosses borders and continents. Knowing her daughter will live a life blended between her Arab parents and her Americanized grandparents, she seeks to educate her child about the realities of both cultures while judging neither.

“I wrote this book not to compare the two or to talk about the cultures, but to tell you how to learn to survive in life,” says Al-Hajjaj. “Yes, you will have access to these two mentalities, but your main role is to not fall into the trap of becoming an extremist of either. The middle ground, or moderation in all things, is the key to a happy and pleasant life.”

“Dear Jawaher” teems with the author’s vivid personality and life story. It recounts how her family survived the invasion of Kuwait, living as refugees until they could turn their life around and find success. It shows how Al-Hajjaj found a Facebook lifeline to friends and family during the revolutions of the recent Arab Spring. It reflects back on her own family’s history, tracing her grandfather’s working-class roots as a pearl diver who performed awesome feats in the ocean deep. Above all, it is a self-help guide for immigrant adolescents who need to learn how to navigate the value systems of their peers, parents and elders, regardless of culture.

Humorous and playful while addressing family and history with seriousness, “Dear Jawaher” is a guide to surmounting life’s challenges with one’s core identity intact. It shows immigrant youth how to draw the good aspects from two cultures while letting go of the bad. As Al-Hajjaj advises in her native language, “tafaalo khairan tajido,” or be optimistic for goodness and you will find goodness.

“Dear Jawaher” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Mona Al-Hajjaj was born in Austin, Texas to Arab parents. At the age of four, she moved back to Kuwait where she remains to this day. Married with two children, she works in public relations and marketing. 

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