New novel depicts political assassination plot, romantic web of betrayal

“Politically InCorrect” by Percy Chattey follows a British businessman as he attempts to salvage his empire from a socialist regime, but at the cost of his family’s welfare
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(PR NewsChannel) / July 10, 2012 / ALICANTE, Spain 
Politically InCorrect

"Politically InCorrect" by Percy Chattey

“Politically InCorrect” (ISBN 1466399651) by Percy Chattey is a thriller that pits a jaded British businessman against a socialist government and forces him to take extreme measures to do what he believes is right.

When Colin Sheer-Wood is faced with ruin at the hands of a small, socialist majority of parliament, he refuses to go down without a fight. Sheer-Wood hires assassins to kill members of parliament so the socialist segment is no longer a majority. He fails to realize that one of the three people on his hit list is his daughter’s fiancé, begging the question – will saving his business empire tear apart his family?

“Sheer-Wood takes drastic measures and sets out to destroy the government by removing its small majority, not realizing that by doing so he also destroys the very fabric of his family life,” Chattey says of his novel. “The story moves rapidly, keeping the reader on edge on every page in every chapter as they are taken from one thrilling event to another. It is not until the final pages until all the mysteries solved.”

Set against the background of 1970s British government conspiracy, the book is a tightly-wound tale of seduction, betrayal, sacrifice and murder that blurs the boundaries between right and wrong.

 “Politically InCorrect” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Percy Chattey is a writer and retired architectural designer raised in London’s East End during World War II. Chattey spent several years serving in the army in Africa. When he returned to England, he married his wife Jean and they now have two daughters, Anne and Sue. Chattey’s first book was published in 1983 and he remains an avid writer. The Chatteys currently live in Costa Blanca, Spain, where Percy writes and rents out a separate vacation home.

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