New book accesses past life memories to solve historic mystery

“The Queen’s Obsession: The Forbidden Affair” by Dr. M. Rieder uses past life regression techniques to access 17th century queen of Sweden
(PR NewsChannel) / June 28, 2012 / SAN JACINTO, Calif.  
The Queen's Obsession

"The Queen's Obsession" by Dr. Marge M. Rieder

“The Queen’s Obsession: The Forbidden Affair” (ISBN 1463788371) by Dr. Marge M. Rieder chronicles information and insight gleaned during present-day hypnosis sessions with a 36-year-old California woman who described events from the life of Queen Christina of Sweden.  

Rieder is a longtime practitioner of past life regression, a technique intended to recover what she believes are memories of subject’s past lives. When Rieder encountered Marcia Nelson of Garden Grove, California and applied her techniques, she was soon convinced she was in the presence of Queen Christina of Sweden, the historical figure who lived from 1626 to 1689. Christina is popularly remembered as a mercurial and headstrong personality whose true allegiances and loyalties remain a mystery. But under hypnosis, Rieder claims to have learned the true story that revolves around a  love affair with a Roman Catholic cardinal and a secret pregnancy. The book offers a chronological account of Christina’s life as told to Rieder by Nelson via past life regression.

“With this book I feel that we have proven the existence of past life regression memories and a possible genetic link as the source of their origin,” Rieder says. “Marcia Nelson’s memories are nothing less than a first-hand account of events that occurred nearly 400 years ago.”

Intended to educate and entertain, the book blends Nelson’s account of Christina’s life with Rieder’s views on past life regression and her techniques for accessing past life memories. According to Rieder, Nelson answered questions posed to her in both Swedish and French despite her inability to speak either language. Nelson also claimed to witness a canonization ceremony on the exact date that history records show it took place.

“The Queen’s Obsession: The Forbidden Affair” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Dr. Marge M. Rieder is a writer and past life regression expert. Born in Cuba, New York in 1923, Rieder was raised in Michigan and graduated high school soon after the United States became involved in World War II. Determined to serve, Rieder joined the Woman’s Army Corps despite the fact that she was too young to qualify. She later married a U.S. Marine pilot and raised two children. Following her divorce, Rieder took a job writing for a local newspaper and later earned a doctoral degree in behavior modification from Newport University. Her studies in hypnosis led her to past life experiences and blossomed into her passion: writing about regressions. Rieder is the author of the three-volume “Millboro” series and has appeared on numerous print and broadcast outlets in connection with her past life work.

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