Novel tells story of Satan’s fall from grace from Satan’s perspective

Paul Ducard demonstrates why reason should triumph over faith in “The Other Side of Evil”

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"The Other Side of Evil"

"The Other Side of Evil" by Paul Ducard

“The Other Side of Evil” (ISBN 0615595332) by Paul Ducard depicts the struggle between doing what is right and acting in the perpetration of selfish motivation. He highlights the effects this struggle can have on people, their loved ones and ultimately the world at large. Ducard’s controversial novel shows how society looks at what is right, what is evil and how sometimes the two can intertwine.

Ducard tells the story of the devil’s fall from grace from the devil’s perspective. Ducard creates an intelligent discussion of Satan’s life with love, the exploitation caused by God’s agenda and Satan’s ultimate betrayal.

Satan’s fall and continued resistance to God motivates him to inform those newly arrived in the afterlife of the political purposes behind God’s supposedly true history of Heaven. Through Satan’s recitation of the history and facts surrounding his rise and fall in God’s City of Heaven, Ducard stresses throughout “The Other Side of Evil” the importance of choosing carefully on those whom you stake your life and reputation. He reveals that his book is the result of the nature of religion and his interest in people of unquestioned faith.

“The book pokes fun at peoples’ devotion to God when they don’t know really who or what God may truly be,” Ducard says. “Fiction, film and even nonfiction are replete with depictions of Satan as an agent of evil. But what if the story we’ve come to know about the war in Heaven was the history written by the winners?”

While Ducard doesn’t expect readers to abandon their religious beliefs, he hopes “The Other Side of Evil” will inspire some to more carefully analyze and reconsider their beliefs, based on faith alone.

“The Other Side of Evil” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Paul Ducard has lived in the United States, Hong Kong and Japan. He has a bachelor’s degree in history, masters’ degrees in forensic science and securities law and has been a practicing lawyer in the financial services industry for the last 10 years. Ducard has worked in a number of different fields, including the law, government, banking and broker/dealers. He has a wife and two daughters. 

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