Author’s raw poetry, prose collection bears witness to life of defiance

Steeped in the 1980s punk spoken word scene, A. Razor’s writings record his lifelong struggle against poverty, trauma and addiction in “Better Than a Gun in a Knife Fight”

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Better Than A Gun in A Knife Fight

"Better Than A Gun in A Knife Fight" by A. Razor

In “Better Than a Gun in a Knife Fight” (ISBN 098512931X), A. Razor evokes the spoken word era of the 1980s and 90s, an underground literary scene where readings took place in bars and clubs instead of libraries and colleges. Razor originates from this era, and his collection of poems and prose pieces are influenced by the work he produced when the scene was all the rage, as well as more recent works that reconcile his radical roots with his evolved need to survive and thrive as a more mature artist and activist.

“This book is appealing to those that have an interest in the cultural significance of struggle against life as it happens on terms of poverty, crime, homelessness, imprisonment and life as a wanted fugitive,” says Razor. “It’s life as a marginal artist, life as a disconnected voice affected by PTSD, addiction and alcoholism and the sexual politics of twisted desires that live at that lonely edge of existence.”

The language of his poems, like the punk music that inspires it, is stripped down to its bare essence.  While he does experiment with new forms of meter and verse, he maintains a focus on direct language that speaks to the human condition common to us all. At other points in his collection, he uses concrete forms and nods to the heavy influence of poets and writers who have come before him.

“Better Than a Gun in a Knife Fight” is a daring collection of poems and prose pieces that will appeal to readers nostalgic for a more raw era of underground literature and communal readings that predominated in the time before the Internet. Razor’s writings mix brutal emotion and vivid life experiences with the wisdom of a man who has survived in spite of the odds stacked against him.    

“Forget about bleeding on the page, Razor dissects himself and leaves his guts on the page. While reading this book, it was if I was sitting at a bar with an old friend as he told me about a lifetime of violence, sex, drugs, lost love, learning the ropes, doing time and redemption in a world gone mad. Razor is truly better than a gun in a knife fight,” says poet Eduardo Jones, the author of “Gutterfish.”

“Better Than a Gun in a Knife Fight” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1963, A. Razor was raised in California. Throughout the 1980s, he published in several underground magazines in Los Angeles before branching out nationally. A veteran of the spoken word scene, he is a member of the Hollywood Institute of Poetics. He works with addicts, homeless persons and former convicts as an advocate for housing rights and mental health recovery.

A. Razor
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