New book proves historical accuracy of biblical Hebrews, Egyptian pharaohs

In “Pharaohs of the Bible (Mizraim to Shishak): A Unifying High Chronology of Egypt Based on a High View of Scripture,” Eve Clarity bolsters biblical accounts

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Pharaohs of the Bible

"Pharaohs of the Bible" by Eve Clarity

In “Pharaohs of the Bible (Mizraim to Shishak): A Unifying High Chronology of Egypt Based on a High View of Scripture” (ISBN 1477447296), Eve Clarity takes on the ambitious task of reconciling biblical records with world historical accounts.

A grand, sweeping narrative, the book mounts the argument that the unnamed pharaohs described in the Bible can all be accounted for in an elegant Egyptian chronology. The text takes on the monumental task of explaining how over 200 pharaohs reigned in the 600 years between Noah’s flood and Joseph’s famine.

This first volume of a planned two-part series covers the first dynasty through the beginning of the 22nd and 23rd concurrent dynasties.  The book operates on the foundation that the Bible is an accurate historical record that has been substantiated by the discovery of artifacts and evidence of ancient natural disasters. Upending conventional academic wisdom, Clarity goes on to show how Moses grew up during the second half of the 18th dynasty to eventually lead Israel’s people out of bondage under the reign of Rameses I, the first pharaoh of the 19th dynasty. This volume ultimately concludes in 970 B.C. when pharaoh Shishak invaded Israel and left his marks of destruction on dozens of cities. 

Filled with hundreds of maps, charts and pictures that explain the vast panorama of ancient history, “Pharaohs of the Bible (Mizraim to Shishak)” makes this singular epoch in human time and divine revelation come alive. This narrative history is grounded in academic inquiry, committed to showing secular critics the grand authority of biblical history.

Curious students will learn the first famines in the Bible are linked to specific Egyptian pharaohs.  Along the way, they will also learn how to unify secular and biblical accounts through this dazzling chronology of ancient Mediterranean, Hebrew and Egyptian civilizations.

“Pharaohs of the Bible (Mizraim to Shishak)” will also appeal to Christians who seek to understand how biblical chronology interacts with the vaunted history of Egyptian pharaohs. Egyptologists and students of archaeology who are looking for a historical interpretation that synchronizes multiple chronologies of the many kingdoms of the ancient Middle East will also find interest in Clarity’s work. 

“Pharaohs of the Bible (Mizraim to Shishak)” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Eve Clarity began studying the Bible in 1973 when she became a Christian. She earned a bachelor’s in elementary education from Arizona State University before teaching middle school in both public and private schools. Her previous books include “Awake, Bride,” an interpretive analysis of end-time Bible prophecy, released in 2009. Clarity has created several YouTube videos on biblical prophecy, and, for the past three years, she has intensively researched ancient Egyptian chronology. 

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