New book lays out scientific foundation to futures trading

Cutting-edge trader Mark I. Lee offers a rational, systematic way to build investment wealth in “Rational Investment: Why System Trading is the Only Rational Way to Invest”

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"Rational Investment: Why System Trading is the Only Rational Way to Invest"

"Rational Investment: Why System Trading is the Only Rational Way to Invest" by Mark I. Lee

In “Rational Investment: Why System Trading is the Only Rational Way to Invest” (ISBN 0615604374), Mark I. Lee puts forth a more realistic and complex view of markets. He argues against the discretionary investment style popularized by major hedge fund giants whose managers believe their personal wisdom can outmaneuver the market. Instead, the longtime financial investment professional offers proof that a trading system driven by algorithms and systemized through an intensive use of technology will be the one that rules the day.

Though based on complex financial models, Lee pares down the technical jargon to make his work accessible to non-technically minded investment professionals. His book tackles two topics that have plagued financial professionals: the irrationality of investors and the irrationality of markets. He proposes the solution of rational investment as embodied in system trading.  Though it goes by other names—robo trading, automated trading, black box trading—the automated buying and selling of stocks without human intervention has built steady wealth for many investors.

“Rational Investment” sets out to prove the most common forms of fundamental investing are not only highly risky but have proved inherently irrational. System trading, by contrast, offers a logical integration with techniques and results that can be scientifically validated. Told in an authoritative tone, this book argues its many controversial stances with verve, confidence and conviction.

Lee was inspired to write “Rational Investment” after years of frustration as he watched traders, clients and managers make bad investment decisions. He seeks to offer an alternative for investors tired of losing their shirts to poor human judgment. As the current economic crisis offers a chance for new models of investment to emerge, this book should be read by financial professionals and sophisticated investors who are intrigued by system trading.

“Rational Investment: Why System Trading is the Only Rational Way to Invest” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: As an undergraduate, Mark I. Lee attended the University of Chicago. After graduation, he entered the futures markets and became fascinated by the world of derivatives. What he witnessed was a dynamic, adaptive, self-organizing system that could be modeled using artificial intelligence. After 15 years of trading for other companies, he founded his own firm, Rational Investment Research, where he manages client assets using cutting-edge technologies to perform system trading.  

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