Wrigley heiress Helen A. Rosburg’s animal rescue efforts draw attention from The Tampa Bay Times

(PR NewsChannel) / June 21, 2012 / TAMPA, Fla. 

Helen Rosburg visits one of the “cat condos” on her 127-acre estate in Odessa that is also home to dogs, horses, pigs, goats, exotic birds and a turkey, among others. All of the nearly 200 animals have been rescued, some coming from as far away as Chicago. Rosburg said she has been rescuing animals since she could walk. Photo courtesy of Carolina Hidalgo

Award winning author and mentor Helen A. Rosburg gained attention from the The Tampa Bay Times recently for another of her passions: animal rescue. In an article praising the Wrigley chewing gum heiress, the Times called her 127-acre estate an animal rescue paradise.

Rosburg could never be accused of keeping her sprawling compound near Tampa to herself. She puts her fortune to good use housing many kinds of animals, each in specialized enclosures designed for comfort and safety. From horses, pigs and goats, to cats, dogs and birds, the unwanted and injured animals lucky enough to call the estate home have found a friend in Rosburg and her selfless approach to utilizing her property.

Rescuing animals since she was a child, Rosburg’s efforts come naturally to her. A full-time builder in her employ spends most days erecting shelters for the growing number of animals Rosburg has rescued. More than 200 rescued animals now inhabit the property, occupying nearly two dozen pens and enclosures of various sorts.

Rosburg is also the founder of On the Wings of Angels Rescue, an organization that provides shelter and rehabilitation to “last chance” dogs through obedience, play, structure, socialization and confidence building. “We rehabilitate them through training and kindness, making things clear and black and white and working on the problems that led them to our door,” head trainer John Jones said.

While the organization actively seeks permanent homes for some animals, most will live out their lives with Rosburg at the compound. That’s a fact she gladly accepts.

Rosburg admits she benefits from the presence of the animals on her property. Now in her early 60’s, this animal lover has survived two bouts with breast cancer and a stroke perhaps thanks in part to the animals with whom she shares her life. The animals help keep Rosburg’s spirits high and help keep her active — so high, in fact, that she can often be seen driving in her Ferrari or on one of her two Harleys.

In addition to the recent recognition by the Tampa Bay Times, Rosburg’s efforts have also been noticed by local officials. Hillsborough County, Florida leaders have responded to Rosburg’s urgings by asking administrators of the county’s animal shelter to find ways to kill fewer cats and dogs at their shelter. As efforts move forward, Rosburg intends to prod and nudge them along as much as possible.

Rosburg’s life demonstrates her belief that every living creature should have the chance at a happy, healthy and long life.

About Helen A. Rosburg: CEO and founder of Medallion Media Group, Helen A. Rosburg is also an award-winning writer and a sponsor of Triple Threat Mentoring, a non-profit organization committed to helping under-resourced urban youth gain confidence and learn life skills. In addition to her ongoing animal rescue efforts, Rosburg enjoys showing her champion horses and ponies.

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