Prove God to yourself by having personal religious experience

In his new self-help book “Proof of God 2012,” Jerry Conser asserts that individuals can prove God’s existence to themselves by learning to have a personal religious experience
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Proof of God 2012

"Proof of God 2012" by Jerry Conser

“No one can prove God to anyone but themselves,” says author Jerry Conser in his new religious self-help guide, “Proof of God 2012” (ISBN 1475047495). In this unusual guide to spiritual experience, the author argues that the religious quests Jesus, Muhammed and Buddha engaged in to find God are also accessible to the everyday individual.

Drawing on his many years of involvement in meditation, parapsychology and research, the author sets out to share his own insights on life and spirituality. He believes that God resides within each person and this is why the world’s major religions had their beginning when their founder had a personal religious experience.

“This is why the Buddha found God by isolating himself under a tree, why Moses and Muhammad went up the mountain to find God, and why Jesus spent 40 days alone in the desert, searching for God,” says Conser.

“Proof of God 2012” is his attempt to synthesize and summarize the many techniques and strategies employed by individuals throughout history to find God within and have a personal religious experience. Drawing on the history and lore of the world’s major religions, Conser shows how all these faiths once taught their followers how to seek and experience the divine within.  Over time, Conser argues, the leaders of these religions lost their way, and their original understanding deteriorated to the point where they were unable to teach the real message of how to have a personal religious experience and “manifest the gifts of the Spirit.”

Inspirational and steeped in religious learning, “Proof of God 2012” is a work of spiritual self-help that gives readers the tools to experience God within themselves. Through developing spirituality and getting to know God in a personal and revelatory way, Conser says readers can experience their faith with a renewed sense of strength and vigor by “knowing God” as opposed to a mere belief in God.

“Proof of God 2012” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Jerry Conser served in the United States Navy, worked in the electronics research department of Motorola and ultimately started his own successful oil company. From a young age, he has been involved with researching and teaching hypnosis and parapsychology. He serves on the board of the Psychical Research Foundation, an institution based in Carrollton with its library and staff at the University of West Georgia. He has three grown children and lives with his wife in the suburbs of Dallas.

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