Professor is killed for knowing secret of early Christian church in new thriller

When a 1,700-year-old letter challenges the traditions of post-Nicene Christianity, modern elitists resort to murder to suppress the truth in John Rather’s “Arius”
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"Arius" by John Rather

In “Arius” (ISBN 1468018345) author John Rather writes a murderous thriller in which religious beliefs are manipulated for gaining and maintaining political power. The novel explores a dissenting history of the Nicene Creed, the fourth-century orthodoxy that underlies nearly all Christian denominations.

This briskly paced novel of ideas begins in England where architect Harrison Pearce is dispatched to perform research on behalf of a client. As part of his tasks, he is to pick up a document his client has recently purchased from a professor. When he arrives at the professor’s office, he finds him slumped over his desk in a pool of his own blood. The professor’s young American assistant, Anne, rushes in only to see Harrison standing over the body and jumps to the conclusion that he is the murderer.

The document that was supposed to be in the dead professor’s hands was a letter written by Arius of Alexandria in 335 A.D. It details a controversial theological viewpoint of religious egalitarianism that was rejected by all 317 scholars and clerics who signed the Nicene Creed. According to some historical accounts, Arius was not only excommunicated for heresy but was likely murdered as well by proponents of the Nicene Creed, egged on by the Roman emperor Constantine.

After the professor’s murder, Anne and Harrison must come to trust one another as they are assailed by a series of threats. Together, they must discover why the professor was killed and why so many unknown forces have conspired to stop the publication of this singular historical document. As they will soon discover, the mainstream Nicene Creed underscores a status quo that supports political and religious elites, something Arius’ letter could well undo. 

“Arius” is a thriller of ideas that grapples with centuries of history while delivering gripping action. Set in London, Oxford, Glastonbury, Dover, Paris, New York and Jackson, this globetrotting novel will have readers reconsidering the power of religion and the unseen hand of politics. 

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About the Author: John Rather owns an architectural firm that takes on projects throughout the U.S., Asia and Latin America. He earned a degree in architecture from the University of Southern California. With his wife Susan, he has co-authored a musical, “Once I Lived in Cottonwood.” While participating in a creative writing course at the University of Oxford in 2001, he began writing “Arius” due to his fascination with the philosophy, religion and politics of fourth-century Europe. 

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