Memoir explores struggles of raising children while dealing with husband’s mental illness

Carol Horan describes how she overcame adversity within her family in “A Family’s Secret: Bipolar Disorder on Treetop Lane”
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A Family's Secret

"A Family's Secret" by Carol Horan

In “A Family’s Secret: Bipolar Disorder on Treetop Lane” (ISBN 1468150871), Carol Horan shows what happens when love isn’t enough to help get her through her husband’s mental illness which affects the entire family. Horan reflects on her life and her marriage when her husband refused professional help for what she believed was bipolar disorder.

Horan stresses that her book isn’t about someone who had a disorder and overcame it to live a normal life. She describes it as a tribute to someone who was loved and admired by many and is now deceased. She hopes that her experiences in dealing with her spouse’s bipolar disorder will help others going through a similar situation.

“I want to focus on the strength and resiliency of a family who coped with adversity in ways we had never envisioned,” Horan says.

The author relied on her faith in God to guide her through unchartered terrain and to raise her children to be successful adults. The mental health issue coupled with alcoholism heavily tested Horan’s coping skills.

She explores how bipolar disorder, a mood and brain disorder, can threaten a family’s physical safety and financial security. While her experiences celebrate the pinnacle of her professional career, Horan realizes that these were also the lowest points of her personal and marital life. She hopes her book will serve as a teaching point to readers and show that there is hope beyond catastrophe. Horan believes strongly in a need for mental health reform and changes in public policy. She admits she doesn’t have all of the answers, but knows that our current system is not working adequately for the mentally ill or the general public.

“A Family’s Secret: Bipolar Disorder on Treetop Lane” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Carol Horan has a bachelor’s in education and a master’s in psychology and counseling. She has won numerous awards for her volunteering and work in marriage and family therapy. Horan previously worked as a marriage and family therapist and alcohol and drug counselor.

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