Mathematician questions drift of physics from its useful application

In “The Reality Oriented Mathematician,” Dennis P. Allen Jr. questions the paradox of physics, which increasingly relies on mathematics even as it flees from its application
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The Reality Oriented Mathematician

"The Reality Oriented Mathematician" by Dennis P. Allen Jr.

Former mathematics professor Dennis P. Allen Jr. questions the path that the study of modern-day physics has taken in “The Reality Oriented Mathematician” (ISBN 1475222114). He notes that physics has become increasingly more mathematized, even as it moves further afield from practical application. More disturbing to Allen is the way in which the increasingly abstract realm of theoretical physics is regarded as a way to replace the ethics and religion, which guide society’s normative standards. 

“The Reality Oriented Mathematician” is a tough but serious book that seeks to demystify the complicated relationship between physics and mathematics as it stands today. Allen feels many individuals in the physical sciences are affected by a deep-rooted hubris which drives them to follow heavily mathematized fields of pursuit that grow ever more abstract and divorced from practical reality. In contrast to his view of contemporary scientists, Allen reflects back upon the field’s greatest pioneer, Sir Isaac Newton, who was widely noted for his humility. 

Allen demonstrates that the pathology affecting physics goes far back in time. He traces its philosophical and ethical origins using the work of 20th century French philosopher Étienne Gilson, and the wisdom of English novelist Joseph Conrad, concerning the dark side of human nature. He also introduces some of his personal academic biography, including an unsettling incident in his early career. Allen then proceeds to question why the standard model in physics has not long since been overthrown by its many critics working in the field today.

“The Reality Oriented Mathematician” is a work that should be read by physicists and mathematicians alike. It is one of the few books addressing why theories and current research in physics have been allowed to be judged by their mathematical content and beauty rather than their potential application for development.  

“The Reality Oriented Mathematician” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Dennis P. Allen Jr. earned his doctorate, master’s and bachelor’s from the University of California, Berkeley. Last year, he published “Foundations of Neo-Spearsian Gravitational Theory with Application to Earthquake Early Warning Systems.”

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