Illustrated children’s book introduces invisible world of microbes

Sara Andersson makes the world of microbiological science visible to young children in “Invisible Things”
(PR NewsChannel) / June 19, 2012 / BAULMES, Switzerland 
"Invisible Things"

"Invisible Things" by Sara Andersson

In “Invisible Things” (ISBN 1469985713), Sara Andersson weaves an engaging and easy-to-read children’s tale about the world of microbes. With vivid illustrations, Andersson’s work introduces the world of microbes.

Based on the original French language version listed under the name “Les invisibles,” the main character is Sara, a young girl who is home in bed recovering from flu. Her classmates go on a field trip and suddenly many fall violently ill. She wants to understand why they are sick, so she puts on her detective hat, and with the help of her cat, Rostam, discovers the invisible world of microbes. She learns of the dangers that these tiny little organisms can pose to health. Taking things one step further, she tracks down the microbial agent that have made her classmates so sick. Over the course of her investigation, she learns more about microbial agents and eventually even figures out how her school friends were infected.

A scientific children’s book full of suspense, “Invisible Things” will allow even the youngest of readers to understand how microbes work and why they must be kept in check through proper hygienic practices. Nonetheless, the book is not a boring list of do’s and don’ts of food safety. Instead, it thoughtfully and playfully teaches the basic science underpinning food safety and hygiene, so that readers can adopt the correct behavior and practices. Andersson says her book is an excellent tool for parents, teachers and health professionals in their role as educators of children.

“Invisible Things” is a book that will appeal to both the scientist and the child inside each of us. Andersson wrote this book drawing on her own experiences working at the World Health Organization where she educated various communities on the basics of food safety. Elementary school teachers, pediatricians and nurses who wish to communicate the reality of microbes and the spread of diseases to children will appreciate this book’s friendly and clear distillation of a complicated topic.

“Invisible Things” is available for sale online at and other channels.  The French version entitled “Les invisibles” (hardcover ISBN 978-2-9700512-5-1) is available through co-author Susan Litsiosis’ website, 

About the Author: Sara Andersson earned a doctorate in food engineering from the University of Lund, Sweden. She served as a scientist at the World Health Organization where she was responsible for the surveillance and prevention of foodborne illnesses. She strives to educate professional and domestic food handlers in the basics of microbiology and hygiene. She has written and published many books and articles addressing this topic.

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