Irish hero guides uprising against tyranny of landlords in new historical novel

Former convict Michael Davitt leads Irish tenant farmers against the British Empire in “The Agitator: A Novel of Ireland in the Nineteenth Century” by Walter Keady
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The Agitator

"The Agitator" by Walter Keady

In “The Agitator: A Novel of Ireland in the Nineteenth Century” (ISBN 1475190824), Walter Keady describes the Land War of late 19th century Ireland, when tenant farmers defied their British landlords’ demands for exorbitant rent. Under the charismatic leadership of Michael Davitt, an ex-convict in the cause of Irish freedom from English rule, these farmers won a limited victory, averting famine and winning a key battle in a war against tyranny.

Mired in poverty and chained to the yoke of the British Empire, this island nation had to fight furiously to win its self-respect in the late 19th century. The novel follows Michael as he returns to Ireland to form the National Land League of Ireland, where he becomes known as The Agitator.  Church officials condemn his plans, and the government works to suppress the peaceful resistance of the Land League.

As peasants continue to be evicted, a more violent faction of reform advocates emerges. Outrages take place as landlords are shot and their livestock poached. As society descends into chaos, Michael is hounded by British spies, and the loyalty of his followers is tested. Eventually, he leads a peaceful Land War, winning concessions for tenants and a small triumph against the cruel British dominion.

“‘The Agitator’ differs from most historical works in that it sticks as close to the actual events as fiction allows,” says Keady. “It is not a work of fiction set in a historical environment; it is a work of history set in the form of a novel.”

Full of caustic humor, Keady crafts several comedic scenes such as a British landlord attempting to rid his meadows of Queen Victoria’s royal swans or a government spy being forced to spend the night in a peasant hovel.

“The Agitator: A Novel of Ireland in the Nineteenth Century” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Walter Keady was born in County Mayo, Ireland, where he grew up on a farm. He earned a bachelor’s at University College, Dublin, and was later ordained as a Catholic priest, going on to serve as a missionary in Brazil. He later resigned the priesthood and emigrated from Brazil to the United States where he worked as a software engineer. He is the author of “Celibates and Other Lovers,” “Mary McGreevy” and “The Dowry,” all of which were released by major publishers and featured as Book-of-the-Month selections.

Walter Keady
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