Mediator shows how to solve disputes without juries, judges

Attorney Thomas Glick has solved over 7,500 lawsuits through negotiations that allow both parties to win, a process he shares with readers in “Creative Mediation”
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Creative Mediation

"Creative Mediation" by Thomas Glick

In “Creative Mediation” (ISBN 1470079518), lawyer Thomas Glick explains how to solve even the most heated courtroom trials through mediated negotiations. His creative approach has saved clients millions of dollars and years of legal tedium. Full of compelling anecdotes, Glick’s book shows how mediation works in a practical, everyday setting.

For instance, he notes how lawyers and judges can resolve a lawsuit with creative compensation. In one example, if money from a party isn’t available, plaintiffs can be compensated with company assets from the defendant such as clothes or sporting goods.

“Creative Mediation” is a book Glick developed based on the 7,500 mediations he has resolved over his 30 years as an attorney. The cases are not lectures but rather, short stories based on his actual experience. He developed this book from lectures he gave to bar associations and civic groups about his own practice in alternative dispute resolution.

“Creative Mediation” will stimulate both attorneys and clients to imagine new alternatives to the conventional process and get them to focus on what they actually want out of litigation. While there are many books on learning how to become a better negotiator, this one is unique in its focus in learning how to negotiate on behalf of others in order to bring two parties to an amicable resolution. 

From the National Basketball Association labor dispute to the political crisis in the Middle East, negotiation is a topic that dominates the headlines of our day. It is a skill we all need. This book will teach readers how to navigate the conflicting needs and wants of parties in dispute to arrive at a solution that provides relief and closure for all involved. 

“Creative Mediation” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Thomas Glick has mediated thousands of cases in his legal career. In 1995, he and partner Rosanne Shore founded the Center for Conflict Resolution, an alternative dispute resolution company that mediates over 2,500 cases per year. He is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a circuit court and family law mediator and is also registered as a federal mediator. He lives in Miami.

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