Internet diva Tammy Manners dishes out sass in advice column collection

Tammy Manners minces no words and takes no bull in her laugh-riot columns, collected in “Ask Tammy Manners: Looking for Tips on Proper Etiquette & Manners? Ask Tammy!”

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"Ask Tammy Manners: Looking for Tips on Proper Etiquette & Manners? Ask Tammy!"

"Ask Tammy Manners: Looking for Tips on Proper Etiquette & Manners? Ask Tammy!" by Tammy Manners

In “Ask Tammy Manners: Looking for Tips on Proper Etiquette & Manners? Ask Tammy!” (ISBN 1475102976), Tammy Manners reveals her riotous sense of humor and her take-no-prisoners advice. Collecting her sassy responses to 50 Ask Tammy Manners letters, the Internet diva shows why readers clamor for her sage advice and unique perspectives on all matters social, professional and all too personal.

Among the etiquette conundrums fielded by this refined lady are how to manage a casual hook-up through the personal ads, counseling a 16-year-old who wants to be famous, the proper manner in which to consume a Thanksgiving turducken and whether one should bother trying to turn a gay man straight. Her entry on how to handle a black-out, and she means all types of black-outs, will be an eye-opener, particularly when she tells the sordid tale about the night the lights went out in Duluth.

Tammy Manners is not afraid to spout off and say what needs to be said. Though she can digress a bit by her own admission, this Texan belle gives her advice seekers the best possible resolution to dicey circumstances. She quiets their angst, calms their anxiety and if they are in the wrong, quickly calls them out on their mistakes with her forked tongue.

Her blog and advice site,, is a daily read for her throngs of loyal fans.  Originally a blog, the site soon went viral and racked up over 500,000 page views in just under three months. Her fans love her natural knack for handing out timely counsel regarding all of life’s most pressing problems. She will tackle anything, from the most difficult situation to the patently obvious ones.

“Ask Tammy Manners” is as humor as it is risqué. It will appeal to all readers gay or straight, married or single, young at heart or wise beyond their years.  

“Ask Tammy Manners: Looking For Tips on Proper Etiquette & Manners? Ask Tammy!” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Tammy Manners hails from Texas. A busybody from the youngest age, she saw her higher calling when she began penning an advice column for her high school paper. At the University of North Texas, she majored in home economics, before heading out to Manhattan to study vocal performance at New York University. She lives in Dallas where she is a self-proclaimed “gun-totin” mama member of the NRA. She lives with Miss Jenny Craig, her fluffy white pet dog.  

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