How to promote your eBay auction item

Success often depends on how well you market you eBay item.

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promoting eBay auction itemSo you are getting an item ready for an eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) auction.

How do you market the item on eBay or promote that auction item?

Here are several suggestions on how to promote your eBay auction item, courtesy of Selig Multimedia, Inc.:

Promote your eBay auction item with BEST MATCH

You want potential buyers to find what you’re selling… especially when they search eBay. So there’s Best Match.

Here’s how eBay describes Best Match:

The goal of Best Match, eBay’s default sort order, is to help buyers find just what they’re looking for from sellers they trust. For you as a seller, this means getting your listings in front of the buyers most interested in your products.

There’s no “silver bullet” for getting a good position in search. Many factors are considered in Best Match and can vary with different circumstances. But the bottom-line best practices for optimizing your position in search are consistent with good business practices for maximizing sales. And, it’s important to follow these best practices better than your competition:

  • Offer good prices and reasonable shipping
  • Provide good service
  • List in the right format and the right categories
  • Write accurate and relevant titles
  • Write clear item descriptions
  • Include great photos
  • State your terms clearly
Promote your eBay auction item with PRESS RELEASES

Then there are news releases. Press releases, written for consumer consumption (as opposed to reporters) give your product a sense of urgency and a way to stand out in the search engines. Press releases provide a way to talk about your product on eBay. But press releases make the talk appear like a third-party endorsement.

“You can include quotes from satisfied customers and you can have customers giving glowing reviews,” says Glenn Selig, founder of PR NewsChannel, a newswire eBay sellers use to market their products. “That comes off a whole lot better than you saying that stuff. And press releases provide that opportunity.

Selig says there are eBay sellers who issue a press release with each product or category of product.

Most of the time, press releases used for this purpose are intended to reach consumers. But if your product is newsworthy, such as the auction of a Batmobile replica on eBay for $620,000, Selig says you can also send a press release to the news media so reporters can decide whether to write stories on it.

Promote your eBay auction item with YOUTUBE

YouTube is a popular venue for promoting an eBay auction.

From cars and boats, to toys and exercise equipment, YouTube is filled with videos that tout products up for auction on eBay.

YouTube videos get lots of traffic on Google and other search engines so videos can bring lots of exposure to your eBay auction item.

Plus, according to the press release newswire PR NewsChannel,  you can embed that YouTube video in the press release.

Promote your eBay item with GOOGLE ADWORDS and FACEBOOK ADS

You create your ads. Your ads appear in Google or Facebook. The people simply click on your ad and find your eBay auction item. This approach enables you to have visibility in places you otherwise would not.

Google describes it this way: “…an ad for a digital camera may show up next to an article reviewing the latest digital cameras. If you want greater control, use placement targeting to hand-pick specific sites or sections of sites you want your ads to appear on.”

You can use key words and geography to target your audience.


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