In Christian fantasy, ocean kingdom erupts in chaos over human contact

Belva Rae Staples concocts an underwater world of mermaids, King Neptune and an array of creatures in “Tide Walker: The Kriterion Saga,” a fantasy tale of love and redemption
(PR NewsChannel) / June 7, 2012 / SWAN’S ISLAND, Maine  
"Tide Walker: The Kriterion Saga"

"Tide Walker: The Kriterion Saga" by Belva Rae Staples

In “Tide Walker: The Kriterion Saga” (ISBN 1475230273), Belva Rae Staples pens a sweeping novel with Christian themes in a fantastical underwater setting. The tale begins when George O’Dell discovers manuscripts left in the desk of his deceased mentor Miss MacAlpin. Through her writings, he finds himself engrossed in the magical, aquatic province of Oceanus in Kriterion. As George re-writes the story over the summer, he begins to notice odd parallels between what he sees in the manuscript and his own life. It proves to be one of the most exciting, yet frustrating summers of his life.

Trouble erupts in the family of the ruling oligarchy of Oceanus. Serena, one of King Neptune’s mermaid daughters has disobeyed her father by breaking his cardinal rule forbidding contact with humans. Serena is drawn to the sound of a man weeping and swims to the surface to find a heartbroken sea captain named Gabe drifting in a dory and seriously considering suicide. Through a single touch of her hand to his forehead, Serena knows all about him. She is touched by Gabe’s pain, and she becomes convinced that she is in love with him.

When King Neptune learns of his daughter’s disobedience, he becomes so enraged that he causes an underwater earthquake. As the sea floor fissures, a seven-headed leviathan known as Lotan is released. Neptune orders Lotan to track down Gabe’s ship, destroy it, and kill everyone on it.  The Ancient Man, who rules over the entire world of Kriterion, disapproves Neptune’s anger and decides to punish him by releasing a far more dangerous creature known as Tide Walker. The result of a union between a human woman and a fallen angel, Tide Walker views himself as a freak that should never have been born. Filled with rage, this immortal being heads for Neptune’s kingdom.  Neptune must decide whether to humble himself and ask the Ancient Man for forgiveness and help or to continue on in stubbornness. Serena must decide whether to be reconciled to her father and save the kingdom or marry the human she loves and relinquish all of her powers.

“Tide Walker,” a tale of redemption, forgiveness, love and the struggle to deal with the personal demons of anger and selfishness, is a fantasy novel whose moral teachings shine through the deep waters of its imaginatively invented aquatic world.

 “Tide Walker: The Kriterion Saga” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Belva Rae Staples is a lifelong resident of Swan’s Island, Maine. She has been involved in the lobster industry for 27 years with her husband Joe. She has drawn from decades of experience in fishing to aid in crafting “Tide Walker: The Kriterion Saga.” 

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