T-minus 82 days until the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa

From strip clubs to volunteers, Tampa Bay mobilizes for an economic boom.

(PR NewsChannel) / June 5, 2012 / TAMPA, Fla. 

With the Republican National Convention just over 80 days away, businesses of all types across the Tampa Bay region–from Tampa strip clubs to hotels–are preparing for the onslaught of people. 

“The only thing the adult club owners and me can compare it to is the Super Bowl — except that it’s five times bigger,” Paul Allen, publisher of the Night Moves adult business trade magazine, tells the Tampa Bay Times.  “You’ve got a bunch of people coming to Tampa Bay. They’re not in meetings 24 hours a day. What do you think they’re going to be doing at night? You can only eat so many steak dinners. You can only look at so many sunsets.”

The volunteers are being mobilized, too, for the Republican National Convention which arrives at the end of August.

The Tampa Bay Host Committee says they are more than half-way to their goal of finding 7,000 volunteers.

“It’s a beautiful city, full of warm people and I just want to be a part of it,” Carol Schoepflin, one of the volunteers, told ABC Action News.

And then there are the businesses across the region.

When the 2012 Republican National Convention rolls into town it will bring more than 50,000 visitors and $175 million in spending.

Some companies have been aggressively planning a marketing campaign for many months to capture a piece of the 2012 Republican National Convention.

With less than 100 days until the convention kicks off, is it realistic for restaurants, attractions and businesses in general to still have a prayer of cashing in on the 2012 Republican National Convention?

“Without a doubt,” says Glenn Selig, president and CEO of Selig Multimedia, Inc., a Tampa, Fla.-based global public relations company. “Search engine marketing and social media are game-changers for stuff like this. You don’t need months or many weeks to gear up.”

That’s why one of his companies, PR NewsChannel, the Tampa, Fla.-based newswire, created the ‘100 Day Campaign.’

“For me the Republican National Convention is about business not politics,” says Selig.

The 100 Day Campaign is for Tampa Bay companies looking to market their attractions, restaurant or other business to visitors coming to town for the 2012 Republican National Convention.

“I had a feeling Kevin would be up for the challenge and he jumped right in,” says Selig. “There’s a great back story to this effort.”

The result: Today’s launch of the “100 Day Campaign” (www.100daycampaign.com). The website describes the marketing campaign this way: “Call it influence peddling… with a twist.

“We make it easy for delegates, their families and the media to find YOU.”

So how does it work? Success in less than 100 days involves a massive SEO and social media effort leveraging the proven strengths of PR NewsChannel, the newswire.

When delegates, their families and news media search the internet looking for restaurants, entertainment, professional services, the companies will pop up in the search engines. So it’s not a matter of businesses finding the customers; it’s the customers easily discovering the businesses.

There’s also the option of adding some paid advertising, like Google Ads, for a one-stop-shopping, quick marketing effort.

The sooner companies start, Selig says, the better, because delegates, families and journalists are already starting to make their arrangements and entertainment plans for the Republican National Convention.

“This is about creating winners and fostering a winning business spirit,” says Selig. “Republican or not the Republican National Convention affords us all a huge business opportunity and we want to facilitate that. The more winners, the more excitement. It’s really that simple.”


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SOURCE:  100DayCampaign.com

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