Mother takes readers on emotional journey through child’s battle with cancer

“My Child Has Cancer: A Mother's Journey Through the Storm” by Missie L. Kramer recounts the harrowing tale of her son’s fight with cancer and how it changed her family

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My Child has Cancer, Now What?

"My Child has Cancer, Now What?" by Missie L. Kramer

Missie L. Kramer faced every mother’s worst nightmare: her child was diagnosed with cancer. In “My Child Has Cancer: A Mother’s Journey Through the Storm” (ISBN 1468164473), she shares the nights spent by her child’s hospital bed, the days of chemotherapy treatments and what got her through the traumatic ordeal.

Kramer steps away from typical literature on cancer by not telling the story from the point of view of someone with cancer, but rather as a mother who has to watch her own child go through one of the worst experiences in life. She addresses the emotional damage mothers often suffer when their child faces a life-threatening illness, such as cancer. Speaking from experience, she urges readers to pack an emotional suitcase for the journey should this ever happen to their child.

In “My Child Has Cancer,” Kramer includes all the emotional tools a mother will need in order to help her child through the devastation of this medical catastrophe. Not only does Kramer pull from her own experiences, but she includes the thoughts, emotions and experiences of fellow mothers she met in the hospital as their children faced cancer as well.

Kramer knows her life will never be the same after going through the turbulent years when her son fought cancer. However, she assures mothers that if they properly prepare themselves for the journey, it can make the road a little less bumpy. She offers practical steps and tips on how to face cancer from the perspective of a mother. Kramer gives hope and courage and insists mothers not to give up. She hopes her book will encourage readers to battle through their fear, despite the terrifying obstacles in their way.

“The emotional trauma is as real as the physical pain,” Kramer says. “I want my book to be a lifeline to mothers searching for a ray of hope in the blinding storm cloud of childhood cancer.”

 “My Child Has Cancer: A Mother’s Journey Through the Storm” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Missie L. Kramer is a manager for a chain of large retail stores in Arkadelphia. Kramer has her associate’s from Miss Wade’s Fashion Merchandise College. She lived in Colorado for 24 years and worked as a florist for 18 years. Kramer currently lives in Arkansas with her family on a 35-acre ranch named “Sweet Grass Ranch.”

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