Two young butterflies discover flower garden in new children’s book

Written for children ages 3 to 8, “The Butterfly Adventure” by Nancy Lorraine reveals the world of butterfly buddies who venture out and learn the value of friendship
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The Butterfly Adventure

"The Butterfly Adventure" by Nancy Lorraine

In “The Butterfly Adventure” (ISBN 1470006065), Nancy Lorraine introduces two young butterflies as they head out on a great adventure in a flower garden.

This charming children’s book tells its joyful story through original watercolor illustrations and a tale in which the butterflies learn how vast the world is and how important friendship is to life. Filled with wonder and adventure, the butterflies’ story of exploration in a flower garden will resonate with kids who love to play and step off the beaten path. More than just a picture book, this illustrated book is split into four chapters, making it a perfect serial read for parents and grandparents to read to their young children.

The story begins when the two young butterflies are instructed by Nana Ladybug not to wander off the garden path. However, the temptation of new flowers, new scents and new insects proves far too much for the butterflies. The lure of discovery sends them off on a happy adventure in which they explore new plants, meet new friends and even experience a brief encounter with danger. Along the way, readers will learn about nature and the various insects and flowers one might encounter in a garden. A mix of fact and fancy, these talking butterflies make children feel connected to the outdoor world. Aiming for entertainment and education, the author has tucked the book’s facts into a fanciful storyline.

By the end of the story, the butterflies know a bit more about the world and especially about the enduring importance of friendship. At the end of the journey, a dragonfly companion guides them home, revealing his own bit of wisdom to the butterflies. “With friends you will never be truly lost,” says the knowing dragonfly.

“The Butterfly Adventure” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Nancy Lorraine worked for more than three decades counseling families and children in crisis and also instructed graduate classes in counseling. She earned a doctorate in social work from the University of South Carolina. She is a mother and a proud grandmother of eight grandchildren. Lorraine is a master gardener who enjoys building creative habitats for birds and butterflies. As a town councilwoman for a small South Carolina town, she led efforts to improve and maintain the quality of the town’s coastal waters. 

Dorothy Herron, the illustrator, is an accomplished artist. The natural beauty of the South Carolina coast inspires her beautiful watercolor paintings.

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