New book chronicles Catholic priest’s struggles for Irish justice

“My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland” by Fr. Sean McManus recounts his lifelong, nonviolent campaign for Irish justice
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"My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland"

"My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland" by Fr. Sean McManus

“My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland” (ISBN 1469934833) by Fr. Sean McManus is an updated account of McManus’ landmark personal and political efforts to get America to stand up for Irish justice.

Exiled to the United States in 1972 for refusing to recognize English law on Irish soil, McManus could have easily drifted into obscurity or dedicated himself to religious study and teaching. Instead, his passion for helping his countrymen led him to form an unprecedented lobbying group dedicated to working with U.S. legislators. For his effective efforts, the British Press labeled him, “the scourge of the British Government in Washington.”

“There’s no other story quite like it,” says McManus. “No one else has spent 40 years getting Congress to stand up for justice in Northern Ireland.” He documents that it was, ironically, the non-Irish and non-Catholic members of Congress who did most to help his mission. Big name Irish Catholic members of Congress, like Teddy Kennedy and Tip O’Neill, tried to block his efforts and cover up for the British government.

McManus founded the Irish National Caucus in 1974, helped force congressional action to stop the sale of weapons to the Royal Ulster Constabulary (the police force in Northern Ireland) and made the MacBride Principles on fair employment a powerful force. McManus also chronicles the events and social context that influenced him growing up in Kinawley in a large patriotic family. He gives thoughtful insights into seminary life in the 1960s and how his faith, theology and philosophy of nonviolence developed.

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About the Author: Fr. Sean McManus is a Catholic priest, writer, speaker and Irish human rights activist. A native of County Fermanagh, he did his seminary training in England and was ordained there in 1968. In 1971 he was arrested in Enniskillen for non-violently protesting Internment (the British policy of imprisoning Catholics without charge or trial). After he “refused to recognize the court” (refusing to accept English authority on Irish soil), McManus was exiled to America. He later formed the Irish National Caucus, a lobbying group dedicated to working with members of congress to support Irish justice and peace. McManus was instrumental in stopping the sale of U.S. weapons to the sectarian police force in Northern Ireland in 1979. He launched the MacBride Principles on November 5, 1984. The Principles became law in many States and cities and U.S. law in 1998.

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