Self-help book strips away illusions of what people see while in relationships

Kevin Darné takes off a couples’ rose-colored glasses in “My Cat Won't Bark!: A Relationship Epiphany” to awaken them to the stunning realization of having unrealistic expectations
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My Cat Won't Bark

"My Cat Won't Bark" by Kevin Darné

Kevin Darné questions why people in relationships try to change certain aspects of their significant other. He wonders why individuals do not find someone who wants the same things they want, which would make dating for many much easier. In “My Cat Won’t Bark!: A Relationship Epiphany” (ISBN 1468104721), Darné urges readers to stop setting themselves up for failure by having certain expectations for their counterpart, and ask themselves why they are trying to change them, rather than accepting them for who they are.

Darné strongly believes individuals are responsible for their own happiness, and that one shouldn’t waste time or energy in a relationship trying to change someone who won’t change. This conflict will only lead to frustration and unhappiness on both ends of the relationship.

As he takes shots at the well-established relationship beliefs he calls myths, Darné provides different approaches to making a relationship work. He says the best approach to take in a relationship is the mindset that life is short.

“The best relationships are between two people who naturally agree on the goals for the relationship and the best way to obtain them,” Darné says. “Instead of trying to persuade, sell, change water into wine, or fit square pegs into round holes, why not simply find someone who already wants what you want?”

He notes that in order to find a mate that has similar characteristics, individuals have to know themselves and what they want out of life. Darné says the only way to be satisfied in a relationship is to either accept who their significant other is as a whole or move on and find someone who better fits desired qualities and wants the same things out of life.

“My Cat Won’t Bark!: A Relationship Epiphany” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Kevin Darné is the founder, CEO and president of Conation Enterprises, a company that helps people facilitate change within in order to bring about change without. He is also a Chicago dating advice examiner for, providing advice and guidance in the tricky world of dating.

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