New book provides insider’s view of how marketing industry is changing due to ROI data, software, algorithms

Rex Briggs’ desire to help innovative marketing systems led him to pen “SIRFs Up - Catching the Next Wave in Marketing: The Story of How ‘Spend to Impact Response Functions’ (SIRFS), Algorithms and Software Are Changing The Face of Marketing”
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"SIRFs Up" by Rex Briggs

The digitization of marketing decision-making is fundamentally changing the landscape for marketers. “SIRFs-Up – Catching the Next Wave in Marketing” (ISBN 1466337494), tells the story of a little known equation called a SIRF (Spend to Impact Response Function) and how it is woven into software and providing significant advantages to people that know how to use SIRFs.

Rex Briggs has become obsessed with SIRFs and their ability to minimize marketing waste thereby increasing ROI for his Fortune 500 clients. Briggs says, “Today we are living through a significant evolution in the practice of marketing and SIRF powered software is accelerating the change. SIRFs are no longer just for the big marketer elite. The rest of the business world is gaining access to SIRFs and learning how to harness the power.”

Briggs’ desire to help bring the SIRFs to all marketers led him to pen “SIRFs-Up – Catching the Next Wave in Marketing.” In the story of how Spend to Impact Response Functions (SIRFs) are changing the face of marketing, Briggs uses a narrative approach to make complex software and algorithms easy to understand. “SIRFs-Up” balances facts with easy-to-read profiles of the people who are inspiring marketing innovations. The book provides practical tools and case studies that provide tangible benefits to marketers looking for ideas on how to profit from these new concepts. “The book will help marketers navigate a career in the midst of software and algorithms. It will help marketers understand what is happening around them, and add value as an insight worker and SIRF doctor,” Briggs says.

Like his last book, “What Sticks,” his new book, “SIRFs-Up – Catching the Next Wave in Marketing,” unpacks some startling facts about the degree of under-leveraged marketing. By consolidating over $100 million worth of marketing ROI research from Marketing Evolution and other sources, Briggs finds 62% of marketing investment is under-utilized, a number he says has increased significantly over the last five years because of the rapid ascendency of content-centric marketing and social media and the slow pace that marketers are adjusting. In order to combat sub-par ROI, he shows how marketing leaders are applying SIRFs in the form of budget planning tools and software to ensure application of best practices in marketing for everything from Super Bowl advertising to social media. He shows how advanced modeling and software is helping marketers manage ROI as opposed to simply measuring it.

“SIRFs-Up” has been praised by Bob Liodice, President and CEO of the Association of National Advertisers as “full of eye-opening ideas” and by Frank Abenante, VP Brands & Insights Anheuser-Bush InBev, as “a blue print for how to approach marketing investment. A must read for every resourceful brand builder overseeing a major marketing budget.” Dr. Patti Williams, Professor of Marketing of Wharton, calls it “required reading: It offers what every marketer needs to know to succeed in the new business world.”

“SIRFs-Up – Catching the Next Wave in Marketing: The Story of How ‘Spend to Impact Response Functions’ (SIRFs), Algorithms and Software Are Changing The Face of Marketing” is available at and other channels.

About the Author: Rex Briggs is the founder and CEO of Marketing Evolution, which Inc Magazine named the fastest growing marketing ROI measurement company in America. Briggs is the co-author of “What Sticks, Why Advertising Fails and How To Guarantee Yours Succeeds,” which was named the number one book in marketing by Ad Age. Briggs has consulted in more than 20 countries and his research is translated into half a dozen languages worldwide.

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