Online fibromyalgia support group gears up for National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

The Alliance Against All Fibromyalgias (AAAFMS) reaches out to provide a forum for supporting both caregivers and those diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

(PR NewsChannel) / May 11, 2012 / NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J.  

AAAMS - Online fibromyalgia support groupOver the past ten years, John Obenchain has watched his wife succumb to the debilitating effects of fibromyalgia.  The stress, pain and fatigue of this medical condition have reduced her once active life to a series of doctor visits, and days spent at home.  As her symptoms grew worse, Obenchain was advised by several close associates to take the kids and seek a divorce.  Instead, he chose to stand by his wife of 11 years and help her fight fibromyalgia.  Today, he is the primary caregiver for his wife and their two children.

As he saw what fibromyalgia was doing to his wife and family, Obenchain decided to create an online support group for fibromyalgia called The Alliance Against All Fibromyalgias (AAAFMS).  His idea was to support not only those diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but also their caregivers and family members. Obenchain understands that fibromyalgia affects a whole family, and his efforts to bring more widespread attention to the disease are paying off.

May 12 is officially recognized as National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.  Millions of people around the world will use this occasion to help draw attention to the poorly understood and relatively unknown medical condition. Obenchain hopes people with fibromyalgia, as well as their caregivers, family and friends, will come together through his online fibromyalgia support group forum to share their stories.

“Though fibromyalgia had effectively isolated us, we realized that we weren’t alone – far from it. There were millions of people out there suffering like my wife, and at least as many like myself, who had to stand by and watch a loved one suffer,” Obenchain says. “When I realized how many of us there were, I suddenly saw that the way to defeat fibromyalgia was strength in numbers and unity of purpose.”

Obenchain believes that if one person expresses anger or frustration about fibromyalgia, typically that lone individual will be seen as the problem. However, if the millions of sufferers unite their voices to express their anger and frustration, then the world will know that fibromyalgia is the problem.

“This is why I created the AAAFMS,” Obenchain says, “to unite the victims of fibromyalgia and the caregivers of fibromyalgia sufferers against a common foe.”

Fibromyalgia is an unpredictable medical condition that can cause mild, moderate and severe symptoms. Symptoms vary depending on the person but often include severe pain and fatigue as well as mental, physical and psychological problems.

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About John Obenchain/Alliance Against All Fibromyalgias: John Obenchain has been married to his wife Sandra for over 11 years. Together, they have faced her fibromyalgia diagnosis head on. As primary caregiver and head of the household, Obenchain has seen just how drastically fibromyalgia not only affects the patient, but the entire family. He started the Alliance Against All Fibromyalgias (AAAFMS) to help individuals diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well as caregivers, families, friends, doctors, government policy makers and health care professionals. The free, open forum allows participants to ask questions, offer advice, share stories, and find comfort from others who may be going through similar situations with fibromyalgia. Obenchain, who has a master’s degree in business administration, has worked in the global pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years and is a professional public speaker registered with the National Speakers Association (NSA).

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