Real estate agent offers raw look inside foreclosure crisis

In “I’m Not God, I’m a Real Estate Agent” Frank Nunez pens a memoir that details his shocking run-ins with agents, clients and banks during the foreclosure meltdown in Florida
(PR NewsChannel) / May 9, 2012 / TAMPA, Fla. 
"I'm Not God I'm a Real Estate Agent"

"I'm Not God I'm a Real Estate Agent" by Frank Nunez

In “I’m Not God, I’m a Real Estate Agent” (ISBN 1469979535), Frank Nunez looks back at his time as a Florida real estate agent during the height of the foreclosure crisis in one of the country’s hardest-hit regions.

This semi-autobiographical account offers an insider’s view that other real estate books are afraid to provide. From bankers to clients, agents to home inspectors, Nunez gives a frank and often shocking view of what really transpired behind the scenes.

Nunez started practicing real estate just as the foreclosure crisis kicked into overdrive. His book briefly recounts how the real estate bubble inflated and popped, while discussing his own struggles to make a living as a new agent during the height of the financial crisis. He recounts his dealing with agents, banks and government loan giant Freddie Mac. 

“I’m Not God, I’m a Real Estate Agent” is a book that also looks at the rise of social media in real estate and its curious appearance as a sales tool during a time of widespread chaos and turmoil. Nunez is an avid blogger and practitioner of social media and shows how he uses these tools to research real estate, promote sales and communicate the reality of his everyday life.

For those looking to get into the real estate industry or who just simply want to see how it really works, Nunez’s book will be a quick and informative read. While other real estate books still pedal the fantasy of getting rich quick, “I’m Not God, I’m a Real Estate Agent” is a raw, no holds barred account of the industry.

It will give readers sound advice on how to navigate the treacherous and cutthroat world of buying and selling houses. After practicing his profession for several years, Nunez has had some astute critiques of the business that give him the courage and the confidence to let others know the real truth about the industry’s current workings.

“I’m Not God, I’m a Real Estate Agent” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Frank Nunez earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of South Florida. A licensed real estate agent, he began buying and selling houses professionally in 2008. He has authored numerous blogs on real estate, current events, finance and pop culture. He lives in Tampa. 

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