In brutally honest memoir, man fights panic attacks, finds wholeness

A whip-smart monologue in the manner of Woody Allen and Phillip Roth, “Integrating the Chapters of a Life” by Allen Roth pours out the vexed soul of an aging New York teacher

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"Integrating the Chapters of a Life"

"Integrating the Chapters of a Life" by Allen Roth

In “Integrating the Chapters of a Life” (ISBN 146998735X), Allen Roth strips his soul bare in an autobiography that is tender, comic and overflowing with emotion. The book looks at the many rich and vexed chapters of his life and tries to make them read as a whole, collected narrative. It is addressed to the reader in second person to make its prose feel universal and its messages less self-important. The reader joins Roth as he struggles in his search for wholeness, taking in his battles with his family legacy, his frequent bouts of panic attacks, his sexuality and his life as a college professor and preschool teacher.

“Integrating the Chapters of a Life” is written from the vantage point of a man turning 60 years old. He looks back at the divergent personas he has been over his life, attempting to make sense of his traumas, achievements, insights and lost moments. Some three decades in the making, his memoir draws on a wide variety of writing genres, from humor to poetry, psychological investigation to artful prose. 

Roth’s account of his frequent panic attacks are chilling in their realistic detail and give unusual insight into the mind of someone who deals with severe anxiety as it plays out in a classroom setting.

“You are already anticipating what tomorrow will do to you… how you will ever get through a semester that only started 20 minutes ago,” writes Roth “You don’t rationally expect to have another panic attack anytime soon; they don’t happen that way. But there is that generalized state of panic now. The adrenaline that has for the last three years, since the last time this happened, rewarded your teaching, is in a punishing mood. For now it’s drained, you are drained… numb… sick… scared.”

“Integrating the Chapters of a Life” is an emotional and brutally honest memoir that will reward readers with its insights into the human mind as much as the author’s psyche. Earnest to a fault, the book is a searing depiction of a soul trying to reconcile its contradictory parts. 

“Integrating the Chapters of a Life” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Allen Roth is a college professor and former preschool teacher. He lives on Long Island, N.Y. with his teenage son. Though he has written all his life, this is his first book.  

Allen Roth



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