Young man survives infidelity, suicide attempts to find love of his life

In “Not All Out of Love” Jamie Schoffman reflects back on his chaotic college years and turbulent relationships to explain the unlikely story of how he found everlasting love

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"Not All Out of Love"

"Not All Out of Love" by Jamie Schoffman

 In “Not All Out of Love” (ISBN 0615601952), 27-year-old Jamie Schoffman takes readers through the emotional chaos of his college years and shows how he made it through the worst of times with the help of his true love. Through poverty, suicide attempts, infidelity and pregnancy scares, Schoffman shows how he matured into manhood through his struggles.

Schoffman’s story begins in Tallahassee during his senior year at Florida State University. He embarks on a short but passionate relationship with Ali, a co-worker from the local nightclub. She becomes pregnant but the couple’s relationship cannot endure, even after numerous attempts by Schoffman to mend the shortcomings over the next six months.

Hopeless, he spirals into a depression and attempts suicide a half-dozen times. On one attempt, he even puts a gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger only to have the firearm fail to discharge. He is briefly institutionalized before trudging through his last semester of college with an eagerness to move forward.

Schoffman heads home to New York City to work as a personal trainer. He starts dating another trainer and soon finds himself moving in with her. By his own admission, Schoffman knows this is a different scenario than what happened in Florida.

“I had nothing invested in our relationship because I was still in love with Ali,” Schoffman said. “I even slept with another woman behind her back.”

When he confesses to the affair, Schoffman finds that his girlfriend is unafraid to call him out on his faults, yet still stands strong behind him and their relationship. Shocked by her forgiveness, Schoffman also finds the courage to forgive himself and commit his heart and love to her. In the winter of 2010, the couple got engaged and continued to work on their relationship, reaping the benefits of their happiness.

“I went from being depressed and suicidal to the happiest man on the planet,” says Schoffman. “Life always gets better.”

“Not All Out of Love” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Jamie Schoffman was born in 1984 and knew he would write his own novel since he was a teenager and first read the Kurt Vonnegut novel, “Welcome to the Monkey House.” “Not All Out of Love” is his first book. He is currently at work on a number of short stories.  

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