New dark fantasy novel follows young boy’s dangerous search for his past

“The Xavier Mosaic: Prince Asyrias” by Emma Austen depicts a quest for self-discovery and reveals the importance of self-definition
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The Xavier Mosaic

"The Xavier Mosaic" by Emma Austen

“The Xavier Mosaic: Prince Asyrias” (ISBN 146811526X), a young adult gothic fairytale by Emma Austen, tells the story of Silas Wolfslayer, a cursed young man shunned by a harsh society. After being cast out of his village, abandoned by his own father, Silas finds a beaten girl washed onto a riverbank – his decision to save her draws him out of the forest, home to his bestial nature, and into the royal city, where cruelty first cast him into a loveless world.

This is a beauty and the beast story distorted by a tortured world where a mother’s love is poisonous and being unusual is grounds for an execution. The beauty is Rina, a girl caught between her gentle nature and the demands of living in a vicious realm – her beast is Silas, a young man cursed with a feral nature and frightening features. Rina is an orphan, with no history and no future; Silas doesn’t remember a moment before his eighth birthday. Their lives become interwoven as they maneuver a country full of secrets, ruled by a queen with a frozen heart, and a king doomed by an ancient pact between greed and wickedness. Full of vengeance, betrayal, romance and lust, “Prince Asyrias” is the first installment of a dark fairytale that documents the final three generations of a cursed family as each of them fight not only against the sins of their ancestors, but against the terrible faults in their own nature.

“‘The Xavier Mosaic’ is a fairytale for a new generation,” says Austen. “This isn’t about a happy ending as much as it is about the journey to that ending. Two broken souls find healing by learning to love – I think that’s a story anyone can sympathize with.”

Written to engage, entertain and inspire, Silas’ story is written for a mature young adult audience. It is a fantasy crafted in a unique way, combining elements of many stories into a captivating work that explores the best and worst aspects of mankind.

“The Xavier Mosaic: Prince Asyrias” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Emma Austen is 18 years old, studying English at University of California Irvine. Born and raised in a small town near the Mojave Desert, where two inches of rainfall is hailed as a miracle, she spent most of her life writing stories. Even at 10, she was writing books on lined paper and binding them with Scotch Tape. She completed the rough draft of “Prince Asyrias,” the first of the Xavier Mosaic trilogy, during her sophomore year of high school and the final draft shortly after graduation. She hopes that any success her story brings will encourage other young authors to follow their dreams, as age means nothing when you have a story to tell.

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