Sexual assault leads author to ground-breaking medical discovery

Samuel Porter shows how he turned lemons into lemonade following a terrible experience as a child in his memoir “Madness Decoded”
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"Madness Decoded"

"Madness Decoded" by Samuel Porter

“Madness Decoded” (ISBN 9781470136680) by Samuel Porter details the steps the author took to become a successful doctor despite having a medical illness and painful childhood.  He made a discovery within the medical field that changed the way he and others viewed madness.

In “Madness Decoded,” Porter shares how he was able to move past the sexual abuse he endured as a child from the hands of a homosexual pedophile. After seeking professional help to deal with his pain and consequential addictions, Porter notes that the psychological trauma of it all triggered an illness which coincidentally fascinates him.

“I’ve always been profoundly fascinated by the phenomenon of madness, or psychosis, and often wonder what it must be like to actually experience such symptoms as hallucination and delusion,” Porter says. “Not only would it enable us to better understand and treat the elusive and ubiquitous phenomenon of psychosis, but it would also provide insight into the nature of consciousness as a whole.”

Porter, who was diagnosed with the worst kind of bipolar disorder five years ago, demonstrates the strength and resilience of a person determined to live life on his own terms, despite what happened to him in his past.

He hopes “Madness Decoded” will inspire readers to move beyond something that is holding them back whether it is mentally, physically, psychologically or emotionally in order to achieve greatness.

“Madness Decoded” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Samuel Porter hails from Jamaica where he practiced medicine before moving to the United States. He attended medical school in the Ukraine and graduated in 1995. 

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