New novel pits humans against androids commanded by evil genius

“Drexel” by Susan Stastny and David Curry Holmes introduces readers to Drexel, a brilliant villain bent on global domination through his amazing inventions
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"Drexel" by Susan Stastny and David Curry Holmes

“Drexel” (ISBN 1469982358) by Susan Stastny and David Curry Holmes follows the exploits of Count Drexel of Sweden, a brilliant criminal who uses his android inventions to infiltrate powerful institutions, kidnap world leaders and wreak havoc.

Readers are introduced to Drexel on board his plane during the kidnapping of a U.S. Senator. Cruising at 10,000 feet, Drexel demands access to state secrets from the incredulous lawmaker. When the senator refuses, Drexel introduces him to a perfect android doppelganger that proceeds to shove the senator out of the plane. It’s one of Drexel’s amazing inventions – a new version of the powerful lawmaker that obeys Drexel’s commands. The airborne assassination is just a taste of what Drexel can do through his technological wizardry and insatiable thirst for power. As his quest for global domination continues, readers will encounter nighttime helicopter rescue missions, underwater missile attacks, survival in the freezing waters of the Baltic Sea, Drexel’s capture of the Queen of England, total war between humans and androids and more.

“Many people who do not identify themselves as sci-fi readers will love this book because it is very human,” says Stastny. “It’s a cross-genre story that is deeply relatable and very visual. It feels like reading a movie.”

Written to appeal to fans of fast-paced, exciting, action-filled thrillers, the book puts readers inside Drexel’s world, a reality that is completely out of touch with everything except his unstoppable hunger for technology and power.

“Drexel” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Susan Stastny is a writer and certified court reporter for the State of Georgia. Her voracious reading of all genres and her love of the arts is the driving force behind her creativity and imagination. She and her husband, John, live near the beautiful Chattahoochee River outside of Atlanta.

David Curry Holmes is a professional geographer and computer technology expert. He holds a master’s degree in geography from Georgia State University and has written short stories for public radio in Atlanta. Holmes and his wife Patti have three daughters and reside in Marietta, Ga.

Susan Stastny and David Curry Holmes
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