Teenage witch deals with family secret, love in new paranormal romance

“Bruxa: The Secret Within” by A. F. Costa follows 17-year-old Gabriella on her journey to understand her role in a secret society of mystical beings
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"Bruxa: The Secret Within"

"Bruxa: The Secret Within" by A.F. Costa

A. F. Costa’s vibrant imagination comes to life in her paranormal romance for young adults, “Bruxa: The Secret Within” (ISBN 9781463704278). Gabriella is not like other 17-year-old girls; she is a descendant of the Malicus lineage, one of the rarest bloodlines of an ancient secret society of witches known as the Bruxa. Her powers kept her a step ahead until Gabriella and her mother move to her late father’s estate, where a family curse is awakened.

After meeting and falling for Joey, one of the most popular boys at her new high school, Gabriella soon learns that he is a Bruxa of the Lougaro bloodline; shape-shifters designed to hunt down their mortal enemy, the vampire Lampirs. As all of these secrets start to unravel, Gabriella’s mother shares yet another secret with the young girl: her father was also a Lampir.

Gabriella soon comes to terms with her new found heritage and meets a rogue Lampir named Alvero, who saves her from an attack and takes her under his wing in order to teach her the ways of a true Lampir. Even though she has been taught to despise the vampires, Gabriella finds herself falling for her mentor who accepts her as both Bruxa and Lampir.

Gabriella must work out her feelings for Alvero and her boyfriend Joey while at the same time dealing with the division of loyalties within herself. Is she vampire or witch, Lampir or Bruxa? Somehow, she will have to choose between her newly discovered instinct and her loyalty to her bloodline.

Costa believes her themes of relationships, family and self-discovery will match well with the young adult audience. She knows that while her readers may not be super natural beings, they will be able to relate to some of the problems that Gabriella faces.

“Bruxa: The Secret Within” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: A.F.Costa has been creating vivid imaginary worlds before she could even pick up a book, so it was only natural for her to put a pen to paper the moment she learned to write. Growing up in a household full of rich Latin superstitions and spiritual traditions sparked her interest for the paranormal world. Captivating small audiences with her campfire stories resurrected her passion for writing, and seeing these same passions manifesting in her son has inspired her most of all. 

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