Poetry collection by Albanian-American poet inspires readers through imagery, metaphors on tough issues

“If I Go To Hell: Nëse Shkoj Në Ferr” by Sami Gjoka blends beautiful language with intense images to create an unforgettable poetry collection
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If I Go To Hell

"If I Go To Hell" by Sami Gjoka

In “If I Go To Hell: Nëse Shkoj Në Ferr” (ISBN 1475101910), poet Sami Gjoka offers readers a glimpse into a world different from their own through his words. Gjoka’s variety of poems range from insightful to gentle to sometimes harsh due to the realities he speaks of.

Translated from Albanian, “If I Go To Hell” conveys a range of emotions to readers through its phrases, similes and metaphors. Gjoka aims for each poem to send a strong message to readers in hopes of receiving an even stronger response. He says life gave him the inspiration to write a book on poetry that is unique in how it describes situations.

“The way I see life and the way I portray it, it should be unique,” Gjoka says. “The situations and issues that occur every day in America and around the world demand a platform to be spoken on.”

“If I Go To Hell” contains poems that will resonate with readers as they touch on topics that are relevant to society and everyday emotions. Poems like “Chasing the Sun that Goes West,” “Do They Talk Just to Scare Us” and “F— Your Speech” all touch on important issues affecting readers. Gjoka hopes his book will outshine his last English poetry collection and continue to inspire readers.

“If I Go To Hell: Nëse Shkoj Në Ferr” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: Sami Gjoka is an Albanian-American poet who has been living in the United States for more than two decades. He has published several poetry collections, and “If I Go to Hell” is his second book in English. His first, “Shadows Speak in Riddles,” was published in 2011.

Sami Gjoka
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