New self-help book to save men, get-rich-quick guide for women

New book uses comedy to address the sensitive topic of guys being taken advantage of financially by materialistic women
(PR NewsChannel) / May 1, 2012 / DUBAI, UAE 
Poor-Sucker Syndrome

"Poor-Sucker Syndrome" by Mitch Vandell

Breaking down the widely familiar yet rarely recognized mental disorder into short bite-sized chapters, “Poor-Sucker Syndrome: the Story about Leeches and the Men that Feed Them” (ISBN 9781466487130) is designed to raise awareness about the complex motivations and social dynamics behind men’s latent self-destructive tendencies to allow themselves to be taken advantage of.

Author Mitch Vandell says, “Poor-Sucker Syndrome is a condition that has now overtaken unemployment as the biggest cause of unhappiness among men living in urban areas.”

Vandell got the inspiration for the book after flat sharing with a man being financially abused by his girlfriend. “Studying his situation up close and discussing it with friends made me realize how the Poor-Sucker Syndrome lurks behind every corner – nearly every man has a personal trauma to share.”

This book focuses on a series of humorous case studies with theories that incorporate psychology, social anthropology and economic theory. Some questions include: How do socioeconomic factors and culture influence leechism? How is the rise in consumerism and narcissist values in society playing a role in the increasing degrees of leechism? What can macroeconomic models and the study of behavioral finance teach us about the syndrome? What are the psychological enablers of leeching?

In a unique and personal self-help book, this well-researched account describes the syndrome as a silent killer from which no man is completely immune. Featuring an overview of basic leeching strategies, the book will help men avoid the slippery slope of going from an envied playboy to a pitied poor sucker. Or, to women, a get-rich-quick guide to hone their skills of reaping the maximum rewards in their interactions with men.

“Poor-Sucker Syndrome” is the follow up to the novel “Wanton Times” (ISBN 1456468316) and is available for sale online at and other channels.

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