Expert innovator explains innovation, allowing greater understanding

“The Innovation Solution” by Praveen Gupta demonstrates how one can learn innovation and sustain profitable growth in the workplace
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The Innovation Solution

"The Innovation Solution" by Praveen Gupta

In his book “The Innovation Solution” (ISBN 1456558102), Praveen Gupta provides readers with an easy to understand, powerful innovation framework for learning to innovate and strive for success at the personal and organizational levels. Gupta explains the various aspects of innovation and how it impacts companies in the information age.

Innovation is a subject discussed by governments, business leaders, community leaders and educators. Experts have devised innovation policies and strategies to gain an advantage over their competitors, without understanding the intricate details of innovation.

Gupta has developed a framework that allows innovation to be a learned skill. His book offers an easy-to-read process of innovation that helps readers become more educated in developing solutions for their employers, or to become an entrepreneur themselves. Gupta has divulged his knowledge in a way that allows readers with little knowledge to be able to understand the material.

“I have written a book “Business Innovation in the 21st Century” that is a designed for determined readers because of its size and scope. I wanted to write a shorter version that is easy to read, understand and can introduce the topic of innovation to a casual reader. It can give a reader confidence that one can be an innovator,” Gupta says.

Readers will be able to grasp innovation methods from Gupta’s latest book. They can use these methods to become more innovative and be able to grow financially at work or in a business in a much shorter amount of time than without the knowledge of innovation methods.

In today’s economic environment, innovation has become one of the most powerful ways to create new opportunities and jobs. Governments are asking their citizens to “out-innovate” the competition, requiring knowledge of the subject.

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About the Author: Praveen Gupta is the developer of the Breakthrough Innovation framework and the world’s foremost authority on teaching innovation. His management methods have been implemented in numerous organizations including Fortune 500 companies. Gupta was the founding editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Innovation Science, a publication designed to further science and the engineering of innovation. His numerous other books, including “The Six Sigma Performance Handbook” and “Six Sigma Business Scorecard” have been translated into multiple languages. Gupta received the Professional Achievement Award at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago in 2008.

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