New novel finds man torn between fidelity, temptation

“The Courtship of John’s Wife” by David B. Pincus presents a modern romance that highlights the importance of commitment
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"The Courtship of Johns' Wife"

"The Courtship of Johns' Wife" by David B. Pincus

“The Courtship of John’s Wife” (ISBN 1466370378), a novel by David B. Pincus, tells the story of John Hale, a happily married man forced into an uncomfortable situation by his sense of chivalry.

When John, a troubleshooter for a leading pharmaceutical company, rescues a beautiful young woman from an embarrassing situation by allowing her to stay as a long-term guest in his hotel suite, he is faced with a conundrum. Loyal to his wife, but unable to simply kick the vulnerable woman out into the cold, he must walk a tightrope to preserve his marriage.

“The book revolves around the themes of love, friendship and trust,” says Pincus. “John views his marriage as a continuous courtship, but is faced with a situation that could quite easily disrupt that fantasy.”

Fans of novels with strong romantic themes and detailed character development will enjoy the novel’s twists and turns describing a modern couple coming to grips with the complexities of the world around them. Written to engage and entertain, the novel is Pincus’ first published work.

“The Courtship of John’s Wife” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: David B. Pincus was born and raised in Atlantic City, N.J. He earned his undergraduate degree from Glassboro State College and worked as a teacher for more than 40 years. During that time he also served as chairman of his school district’s educational council and earned a master’s degree in administration and supervision. Pincus married in 1962 and he and his wife have two daughters, Elizabeth and Catherine. The family drove across the country three times, traveled together to Hawaii and Europe and took several cruises around the Caribbean.

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