New young adult novel shows how two girls face down middle school bully

Amanda and Shelby switch to a public school only to find their lives interrupted by a classroom tormenter in “Stand Up Now: An Easy Way to Handle a Bully” by Lyn Sutton
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"Stand Up Now: An Easy Way to Handle A Bully"

"Stand Up Now: An Easy Way to Handle A Bully" by Lyn Sutton

 In “Stand Up Now: An Easy Way to Handle a Bully” (ISBN 1470195453), Lyn Sutton writes a compelling young adult novel about two girls whose transition to a public middle school is halted by a schoolyard bully. Amanda and Shelby are excited by the start of sixth grade, especially since their parents have allowed them to move from their private school to a public school where they can meet a wider range of friends.

Amanda and Shelby arrive at the all-crucial first day of school, new school supplies and freshly bought outfits in hand. The two young girls feel they are prepared to make the right first impression on their new classmates. Instead, their dreams of a glowing first day in a new school are shattered by a horrifying encounter with a bully named Melanie.

Melanie hates rich kids, and Amanda and Shelby’s private school pedigree hovers over them like a red flag to a bull. The girls are terrorized by Melanie who inflicts suffering and pain on them simply because she perceives their families as wealthy. Nothing in their lives has prepared them for this experience, and the girls wander around shell-shocked by their traumatic encounter. Hopeless and adrift, they refuse to talk about the bullying with their parents or teachers, a situation too many bullied students often repeat.  Eventually, the girls find the courage they need to be honest about the bullying and stand up to confront their tormentor.

“Stand Up Now” is a young adult novel that explores the timely topic of bullying. Intended for those in fifth to eighth grade, the book is written with a realistic narrative to which middle school students will find easy to relate. Sutton is a teacher who has seen and dealt with bullying on a firsthand basis. She was inspired to write this novel to provide comfort for every student who has had to deal with unnecessary intimidation from their peers. “Stand Up Now” is an inspiring book that portrays bullying in all its ugly details while providing readers with a vivid picture of how to stand up for themselves.

“Stand Up Now: An Easy Way to Handle a Bully” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Lyn Sutton comes from a family of teachers and educators. She was born on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and has worked in Florida for decades. As a veteran of the public school system, she seeks to portray the many struggles and social problems she saw in the classroom in her fiction.  

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