Lunch Pail Republicans criticize GOP-backed ‘Right to Work’ law in Indiana for failing to create jobs

The staunch pro union Republicans say the right-to-work law pushes policy that slashes wages without providing jobs
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(PR NewsChannel) / April 23, 2012 / PORTAGE, Ind. 

Lunch Pail RepublicansThe pro labor group Lunch Pail Republicans today took aim at its own party leadership when it publicly criticized Indiana’s Republican-promoted right-to-work law and lashed out at the state’s Commerce Secretary for praising the new law even though “not a single job has been created.”

“Every ounce of Republican leaders’ effort was poured into passing right-to-work before any other legislation would be touched, and it has brought no benefit whatsoever,” says David Fagan, chairman of Lunch Pail Republicans. “What is surprising is that the Commerce Secretary still has the courage to claim success based on such weak indicators as phone calls and magazine articles.”

In the Indiana Economic Development Corporation’s April 11 Pipeline e-newsletter, Indiana Commerce Secretary Daniel Hasler lauded the so-called success of the Indiana’s right-to-work law, stating that Indiana had seen an “uptick” in companies contacting them and that an unnamed site selector had complimented the new law.

The cheerleading is part of a concerted effort to protect incumbent Republicans who supported right-to-work and who now find themselves targeted in primary elections for choosing a faulty political policy over sound public policy, say Lunch Pail Republicans.

“The people of Indiana count on state government for more than smoke and mirrors. These Republican leaders turned their backs on the middle class, small businesses, and basic Republican policies by pushing a policy that will slash wages without providing jobs,” says Fagan.

Lunch Pail Republicans are staunch Republicans who feel completely disconnected from their party and their candidates both in Washington and Indianapolis.

In Champaign, Illinois last week, about 5,000 labor union members and supporters rallied at the University of Illinois to hear union leaders lambast Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels. They complained about anti-union legislation in Illinois, who last scheduled to speak in the that state.

Lunch Pail Republicans have picked a very public fight to take back control of the party and return it to its labor roots. It began by digging in its boots in Indiana and has since expanded to neighboring Illinois. But the group says support for Lunch Pail Republicans and its pro labor positions is beginning to resonate beyond those two states.

Lunch Pail Republicans want the party to return to the issues that define what it means to be a Republican.

Republican leadership, the group claims, pushed for right-to-work claiming it was a job creator.

“But where are the jobs? It is no secret that this legislation was passed by the Republican leadership under the guise of job creation. We were told that companies would line up to come to Indiana if this legislation was passed, but not a single job has been created,” says Fagan.

ABOUT LUNCH PAIL REPUBLICANS: Pro business AND pro labor, Lunch Pail Republicans are staunch Republicans who are focused on putting the country on a path toward recovery and prosperity. Too many “Republicans” are far more focused on pushing someone else’s agenda and playing politics to get re-elected their looking out for the working people whom they are sent there to protect. Lunch Pail Republicans believe in freedoms of speech, the right to bear arms and most of all in limited government. The group launched after Indiana’s Republican leadership promoted and passed “Right to Work” legislation.

ABOUT DAVID FAGAN: David Fagan is Chairman of the Lunch Pail Republicans, Financial Secretary of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150, and president of the 14,000-member IUOE Indiana State Branch. A lifelong Republican, Fagan was appointed by Governor Daniels to the Indiana Port Commission in 2007. He was also appointed to the Law Enforcement Training Board by five Governors from both parties. He was twice elected to the Portage City Council and spent many years as a Republican Precinct Committeeman.


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