With 82 percent of technology users concerned with webcam hacking, new small business offers protection against cyberpeeping

CamPatch offers technology users worried about webcam privacy a smart, affordable form of security
(PR NewsChannel) / April 10, 2012 / CHICAGO 

CamPatchIn the wake of several high publicity webcam hacking cases, 82 percent of laptop users expressed concern about the possibility of their webcams being ‘hijacked,’ according to a soon-to-be released study.

Representing the latest trend in cybercrime, webcams provide an easy way for individuals and organizations to spy on users. Last fall, a Rutgers student committed suicide after a webcam secretly videotaped him kissing another man. Unfortunately, such incidents are not limited to college pranks.

“Last year alone, we saw a successful lawsuit against a Philadelphia school district for spying on students, an investigation on a leading rent-to-own company accused of spying on its customers, and a California man sent to prison for hacking over 100 webcams. These cases illustrate that webcam hacking is not a hypothetical risk; it’s a reality,” explains Parham Eftekhari, president and founder of CamPatch, a newly formed company that manufactures web camera covers.

According to Eftekhari, experienced hackers can access a webcam in less than a minute, and would-be hackers easily learn the process with tutorials and free spying software available for free on the Internet. Since most laptops, tablets and an increasing number of gaming devices and televisions are manufactured with built-in webcams, the potential for webcam privacy invasion grows daily.

“Webcams provide cybercriminals with access to potentially embarrassing information that could be used to bully or blackmail laptop owners,” Eftekhari said. “Beyond peeping, the technology also provides opportunities for cyber-stalking, hate crimes, burglary and identity theft.”

After speaking with a cybersecurity expert from the Pentagon, Eftekhari learned that the only way to ensure webcam privacy was to cover the webcam. He decided to fulfill the need and provide an inexpensive, durable webcam cover that didn’t leave sticky residue on the lens in the way tape does and created CamPatch.

CamPatch manufactures and sells high quality, reusable webcam covers while simultaneously educating the public on privacy and security concerns surrounding webcams in devices. Customers can choose from a selection of CamPatch designs while organizations can custom brand CamPatch for marketing and promotional use. As part of its commitment to the community, CamPatch launched the CamPatch Academy, designed to provide educational resources to promote privacy and security for individuals, families and organizations. In addition, $1 from every sale is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project to support U.S. veterans.

Parham Eftekhari
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