New illustrated series empowers tween, teen girls to make good choices

“Kathy Johnson’s STARLETTE UNIVERSE Book 1: ‘CAT’ASTROPHE” by Kathy Johnson introduces young readers to six glamorous girls who stand up for what is right
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"Kathy Johnson's STARLETTE UNIVERSE: Book 1: 'CAT'ASTROPHE" by Kathy Johnson

“Kathy Johnson’s STARLETTE UNIVERSE Book 1: ‘CAT’ASTROPHE” (ISBN 061561177X) by Kathy Johnson, a fashion-savvy pageant mom, is the first installment of a new illustrated series depicting the adventures of a group of bright, beautiful girls and their irrepressible dog.

Bursting with color, wordplay and catchy rhymes, the book introduces readers to Jinnie, Bekka, Skylar, Ashlee, Sallee, Lizzie and Punkin, Skylar’s German schnauzer. United by friendship, fashion, boys and more, the girls are against cliques, evil kids or anyone who doesn’t treat them nicely. In “‘CAT’ASTROPHE,” the gang encounters their nemesis, Eva the Evil, who uses an innocent kitty cat to lure Ashlee into danger. Racing to save the poor feline, Ashlee demonstrates her love of animals and hatred of cruelty. Cuddling the poor creature in her arms, it would be up to the rest of the Starlettes to save the day. 

“Along with all the fun, young girls can learn serious messages and rules for living with good advice and character lessons,” says Johnson. “After entering Starlette Universe, all readers are faced with a decision: Team GOoD? Or Team D-evil?”

Aimed at young girls and designed to appeal to their fashion sense, language and adventurous spirit, the book shares profiles of each Starlette and explains their likes and dislikes. The narrative is delivered in rhyming verse that uses hyphens and mash-ups to add new meaning to common words and phrases. The book is fully illustrated with full-color depictions of the girls and their adventures.  

 “Kathy Johnson’s STARLETTE UNIVERSE Book 1: ‘CAT’ASTROPHE” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Kathy Johnson is a poet, pageant mom and attorney. A longtime beauty pageant judge, she is the mother of Miss Vermont 1999 and Miss Vermont USA 2001. Her illustrated creation, STARLETTE UNIVERSE, first appeared in the pages of Pageantry magazine. 

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