Feds risk retaliation by Jamaican drug gang in new crime thriller

In “Capital Kill,” ex-JAG and former federal prosecutor Marc Rainer pens an audacious drug-trafficking drama set on the streets of our nation’s capital
(PR NewsChannel) / April 4, 2012 / WASHINGTON 

"Capital Kill"

"Capital Kill" by Marc Rainer

In the nation’s capital, a notorious Jamaican drug gang haunts the streets. A leader of the infamous Shower Posse fends off prosecution by suffocating witnesses in a gruesome fashion: wrapping their heads in duct tape. In “Capital Kill” (ISBN 1458180215), ex-JAG and former federal prosecutor Marc Rainer takes us into the heart of a federal case that is deadly for everyone involved.

The case lands in the lap of new federal prosecutor Jeff Trask, fresh from the Air Force JAG Corps. Under the tutelage of his mentor Robert Lassiter, chief of the United States Attorney’s office criminal division in Washington, Trask will take on criminal elements more fearsome than anything he saw in the military. 

Two police officers working the case keep finding potential witnesses duct taped in dumpsters. As more bodies are discovered around the capital, pressure mounts on the United States Attorney’s office to stop the killings. In a surprise turn, the gang’s leader, Demetrius Reid, is apprehended while attempting to escape into Canada. Despite being jailed, he continues to order hits from behind bars and terrorizes the courtroom. Rookie federal prosecutor Trask will face the trial of his life as Reid tries to mount an insanity defense that could see him soon released back onto the streets. 

To get through this deadly case, Trask draws on his Air Force JAG trial training. He will have to fend off the political backstabbing of a jealous rival within the attorney’s office while making time for his budding romance with Lynn Prescott, an agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

Rainer has drawn on his three decades as a federal prosecutor and JAG officer to create this story about a deadly drug gang who defies the criminal justice system. He paints a chilling picture of a prosecution under attack from a defendant who will stop at nothing to escape justice. “Capital Kill” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: Marc Rainer is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, a former federal prosecutor in Washington and a former circuit prosecutor for the Air Force. A respected litigator, he has also co-authored a treatise on how to prosecute homicide cases. As an Air Force JAG officer and Assistant United States Attorney, he prosecuted hundreds of major criminal cases in both federal and military courts.  

Marc Rainer    
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