In dark, comedic memoir young man tries to get by while getting high

Augustine Cannon delivers a cautionary tale of how he began smoking weed with friends only to end up alone and addicted in "The Seven Year Spliff"
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"The Seven Year Spliff"

"The Seven Year Spliff" by Augustine Cannon

In “The Seven Year Spliff” (ISBN 1469912953), Augustine Cannon comes clean about how he spent his high school and college years stoned. It’s a riveting tale of his journey through life under the influence of copious amounts of marijuana, and the positive and negative effects that occurred because of it. Like too many alienated teenagers, Cannon began smoking marijuana in high school to cure his crippling social anxiety. 

At first, it enlivened his life and enriched his circle of friends. But his dependency on the drug came quick and steady and what resulted was a seven-year addiction that rendered him paranoid with lovers, isolated from friends and bereft of any aspirations. In a smoke-filled haze, Cannon graduates high school and fails his freshmen year of college; then, he attends culinary school and drops out. Despite his addiction, he re-enters college where marijuana becomes a proverbial gateway to far more potent mind-altering substances. 

Cannon’s life begins to unravel at the seams. His only friend is his roommate, their co-dependent bond cemented by their constant pot smoking. Yet before he hits rock bottom, Cannon realizes he needs to change before he loses everything he loves.

Twenty-four year old Cannon is an unusually young voice, but his direct report from the millennial generation is sobering for readers. It is a glittering landscape of cell phones and social networks and all the quick sex and even quicker relationships the young world of the wired enables. But beyond the facade, it is also a landscape of loneliness and mental illness, where real needs are papered over with prescription meds and their street counterparts.

His cautionary memoir is a look back at not only his marijuana addiction but its proximate cause. He believed something outside of himself could give him happiness and social acceptance. In an uplifting ending, Cannon finds solace in being different and explains how others can too through “The Seven Year Spliff.”

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About the Author: Augustine Cannon was born and raised in Philadelphia. He recently graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in writing and rhetoric. During his time there, he was awarded the Louise B. Phelps Writing Award for his short story published in Intertext Magazine. He works as a freelance writer, novelist and screenwriter.

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