Comedian’s lifestyle promotes how to combat bullying, mental illness, unfair stereotypes in young men

Luke G. Donovan reflects on his life and how three essential factors helped him grow along the way in his inspirational memoir, “Missing the Big Picture”
(PR NewsChannel) / April 3, 2012 / ALBANY, N.Y. 

"Missing the Big Picture"

"Missing the Big Picture" by Luke G. Donovan

Comedian Luke G. Donovan portrays his life story to readers as a coming-of-age tale of a shy, young man dealing with a rough home life and serious self-esteem and mental health issues in “Missing the Big Picture” (ISBN 1467940917). Donovan takes readers on a journey from childhood to adulthood and shows how standup comedy contributed to who he is today.

A product of a single parent home with a grandmother who was severely mentally ill, Donovan often found himself the victim of bullying for his home life. He attended a Catholic military high school where he described his peers and faculty as unprofessional, inappropriate and heartless.

At the age of 18 until college graduation, Donovan says he heard voices in his mind. Despite the cards he was dealt in life, he pushed past the obstacles, and graduated from college. He began working as a registered nurse, but he decided laughter was the best medicine, and Donovan went on to perform stand-up comedy.

The author explains ‘the big picture’ as having self-confidence, learning to live life with a compassionate and non-judgmental attitude and seeing things in a positive and realistic manner. He says he learned these things throughout his life, and that these virtues shaped him into the person he is today.

Donovan says his inspirational autobiography will shine the light on taboo topics such as mental illness, education, dating, bullying and other issues that young men face growing up. He feels as though the media often gears these sorts of problem to only young women.

“I want to show people that boys and young men struggle with the same issues that females do,” Donovan says. “The media only focuses on girls with relationships, friendships, peer pressure and body image issues, and that’s not fair.”

“Missing the Big Picture” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Luke G. Donovan grew up in Albany, N.Y., where on the outside, his life seemed normal. Donovan struggled with mental illness, depression and self-esteem issues for years. He is currently a registered nurse and comedian. 

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