Author uses story of young boy as metaphor for important issues abandoned children face as they grow

David Stanley mixes events from his life with fiction to create “The Grasshopper King”
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"The Grasshopper King"

"The Grasshopper King" by David Stanley

“The Grasshopper King” (ISBN 1466470402) by David Stanley follows young Cosmas Sarvey through his adventures in a Catholic orphanage in Pittsburgh. Cosmas’s only friend there is a boy named Charlie, who he nicknames “The Grasshopper King.” Cosmas and Charlie are accomplished escapologists. Their young friendship defies the odds as the two boys navigate their way through abandonment, unfit authority figures and personal tragedies. When their fantasy world is destroyed, they are forced into an adult reality, which they are reluctant to accept.

“‘The Grasshopper King’ illustrates many of the challenges that must be overcome by children who have been relegated to the fringes of society, discarded by their families and rejected by prospective foster homes,” Stanley says. “The institutionalized cruelty is reflected in their treatment of each other and in their fantasy games.”

“Stanley tempers his dark story with sparkling imagery, humor and a heavy dose of nostalgia. A richly rendered coming-of-age novel minus a happy ending,” says Kirkus Reviews.

Washington Star Feature Writer Pat Hoerth says, “Stanley deftly holds the reader in this gentle story of a boy’s inner struggle with hope and harshness, warmth and rejection, imagination and reality, love lost and love found.”

“The Grasshopper King” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: David Stanley grew up in a Catholic institution near Pittsburgh. He is an accomplished watercolorist and has spent 20 years traveling the country while working a variety of jobs including bicycle messenger, camp caretaker and carnival hand. Stanley has also worked as a substitute teacher and was a volunteer tutor for several years in elementary after-school programs. He has written numerous essays, articles, poems, letters and fiction manuscripts. Stanley lives with his wife in San Antonio.

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