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Greg Beckham helps readers to help themselves in “Manifest Destiny: How the Stories We Tell Ourselves Shape Our Lives”
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"Manifest Destiny" by Greg Beckham

"Manifest Destiny" by Greg Beckham

Every one of us has a story to tell, but it’s what we tell ourselves that matters the most, according to author Greg Beckham. In “Manifest Destiny: How the Stories We Tell Ourselves Shape Our Lives” (ISBN 1456532308), Beckham’s intent is to help readers not only explore the power of their individual story, but to become aware as the creator of their own future and destiny. Beckham maps out strategies and aims to explain step-by-step how to reinvent oneself, by discarding or reframing those stories of the past that inhibit us from achieving the life we want and deserve.

“Our ‘stories’ about our feelings and experiences shape our lives,” says Beckham. “And there are at least two sides to every story. The goal of this book is to help identify the stories harmful to your growth and well-being and to reframe, or retell, them in ways that empower you now and in your future.”

“Manifest Destiny” focuses on the individual’s life story and limiting beliefs as the primary determinant of one’s future. Beckham guides readers to identify “self” stories that are detrimental to their growth and well-being. For those who didn’t apply for that certain job, move to that certain city or start that business they have always dreamed of, because their life story held them back, Beckham seeks to demonstrate how to free oneself from those restraints. The stories we tell ourselves create how we feel and can grip us like shackles unless we change or let go of them, he argues. They can hold us in old behavior patterns and limiting beliefs, which may no longer serve us.

“Due to today’s troubled economic times, many people now see the world and their role in it differently,” Beckham said. “Many people find themselves no longer knowing what their future will be. This thought virus, if you will, is a belief that one no longer has any control of how his life will unfold. If this belief becomes his story, it will likely become his fate.”

“Manifest Destiny: How the Stories We Tell Ourselves Shape Our Lives” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Greg Beckham is a professional speaker, trainer, coach and emerging thought leader in the field of human potential and self-actualization. For over 30 years, Greg has studied and practiced many systems of spiritual thought and awareness and has developed unique techniques and perspectives on self-actualization and manifestation. With a successful career in the real estate and mortgage industry for more than 20 years, Beckham began to feel an inner calling to contribute directly to the field of human potential and well-being. After years of study, and as a Certified NLP Master and Advanced Health Practitioner, as well as a hypnotherapist and advanced language patterning specialist, Greg shares his formula for prosperity, manifestation and self-actualization through seminars, workshops and private consultations, and now in his book “Manifest Destiny: How The Stories We Tell Ourselves Shape Our Lives.”

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