Doctor reveals new ideas, treatment for children with autism

Dr. Karen Savlov offers new ideas and practices that aim to allow children with autism to be better understood in “The Unspoken Truth About Autism: A New Look at the Etiology and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders”
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The Unspoken Truth About Autism

"The Unspoken Truth About Autism" by Dr. Karen Savlov

Autism is a disorder that is not easily understood, despite its widespread presence in children. In “The Unspoken Truth About Autism: A New Look at the Etiology and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders” (ISBN 1461195004), Dr. Karen Savlov presents a new explanation for the etiology of autism that disputes commonly held views.

Although the origin is unknown, the majority of professionals working with or researching autism consider it to be a brain disorder. Due to this perspective, clinical work generally focuses on techniques such as Applied Behavioral Analysis, sensory integration and social skills development. While this work should be commended, Savlov believes that the time is right to introduce a new state-of-the-art work called Attachment Relational Therapy (ART).

Savlov believes that the cause of autism stems from an incomplete attachment, a process that extends over the first two to three years of life. She states that children who fall into this incomplete attachment are waiting for the attachment process to be completed.

Savlov hypothesizes that the child remains in this incomplete state of attachment until the caregiver can respond appropriately to help the child to complete the attachment process. From this viewpoint, the child with autism has varying degrees of dissociation and lacks a sense of self-agency, which prohibits the child from relating to others. She explains that the child can be mobilized to use him or herself in relationships with others through the use of empathy, understanding, acceptance, recognition and validation.

“A child with autism does the best he or she can to cope with this predicament,” Savlov says. “Actions typical of autism, like the flapping of arms, nonverbal communication and a general lack of responsiveness, make more sense when viewed through the lens of an incomplete attachment.”

Savlov continues to tell us that “autism can inform our understanding of typical psychological development. In fact, autism can be viewed as a window into human development. In other words, autism is not only an attachment relational disorder, but it is also a slowed-down version of typical psychological development.”

Savlov’s career has centered around autism for over 25 years, and she has seen research grow by leaps and bounds over that time. She hopes her readers consider her book a serious addition to the array of books in the field of autism, and that it can be used to provide caregivers/parents and professionals the practical knowledge that will help them in assisting children with autism.

“The Unspoken Truth About Autism: A New Look at the Etiology and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders” is available for sale online at and through other channels.

About the Author: Dr. Karen Savlov is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a doctorate in psychoanalysis and practices in Los Angeles. She specializes in autism spectrum disorders, depression and anxiety among other topics, and she is affiliated with the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Savlov has worked for many years with children, adolescents and adults, providing individual treatment, trainings and support groups for those affected by autism as well as groups for college-age students with developmental disabilities. She has also worked at University of California, Los Angeles as the manager of organizational development.

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