Islamic author uses novel to inspire reconciliation between East, West

Tariq Rana exposes the challenges of an Islamic household struggling in its allegiance to Western society and its own Islamic roots with his novel, “A Model Wife for a Gentle Imam”

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" Model Wife for a Gentle Imam"

" Model Wife for a Gentle Imam" by Tariq Rana

“A Model Wife for a Gentle Imam” (ISBN 1468162721) by Tariq Rana is based on real events and people. Through dialogue and personal recollections of his characters, Rana explores the conflict in a Muslim household about reconciling traditional beliefs and customs with their place in Western society. Rana’s novel brings a haunting face to post-traumatic stress disorder, Afghanistan and the clash of civilizations in order to inform readers while keeping them enticed in the initial storyline.

Rana tells the story of Ali Mansoor Kham, the Imam of Breezewood, living reclusively in a small community bordering a Canadian military base. Tormented by his own conscience over his military service with the Western Coalition in Afghanistan, the Imam is driven by a crushing need to prove that he is still a relevant member of his own society. When he comes across fashion model Stacy Kimball and her striking resemblance to his own wife, he steps foot into a whole new world and unwittingly embarks on a soul-searching journey into his own faith where he is forced to make personal choices that alter himself, his family and his future.

“Anyone reading this book, especially extremists on either side of the debate,” says Rana, “will be inspired to hope for reconciliation to the conflict between liberal secular Western values and fundamentalist Islamic religious dictates that are at the heart of so many passionate debates on the subject.”

Rana says that he is one of the few writers of dual Islamic and Western origin capable of rousing his readers to thoughtful reflection as well as entertaining them on such a complex theme as the meshing of religion and society at the crux of a meeting between East and West, between the Crescent and the Cross. “Through an intensely personal reading experience,”” he says, “I’d like to influence both communities and help maintain the bridge between them.”

“A Model Wife for a Gentle Imam” provides answers to questions he believes many people are too timid to voice. His unique look at life in an Islamic household sheds light on the tensions existing in what Rana believes many view as a closed, “sleeping” segment of their society.

“A Model Wife for a Gentle Imam” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Tariq Rana has a bachelor’s in science from the University of Ottawa and a master’s in business from the University of Western Ontario. He served briefly in the Canadian Armed Forces as a commissioned officer. He is an entrepreneur who has recently owned and operated a logistics company transporting freight between Canada and the United States. He actively works to promote peace and understanding between the Islamic East and the Christian West. The first time novelist lives in Toronto with his family.

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