Memoir recalls refugee’s life in pre-Castro Cuba

“Cuba, A Palace of Salt: Lives and Adventures of a Vanished World” by Liana Fernandez de Castro Phibbs takes readers to pre-revolution Cuba and details its effects on survivors
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"Cuba, A Palace of Salt: Lives and Adventures of a Vanished World"

"Cuba, A Palace of Salt: Lives and Adventures of a Vanished World"by Liana Fernandez de Castro Phibbs

The lost world of old, pre-revolutionary Cuba is illuminated against the backdrop of political and social change in Liana Fernandez de Castro Phibbs’s “Cuba, A Palace of Salt: Lives and Adventures of a Vanished World” (ISBN 1456454404). Having grown up in a distinguished Spanish-Cuban family prior to the reign of Fidel Castro, the author provides an eye-witness account of how the country’s citizens survived the turbulent era.

In “Cuba, A Palace of Salt,” Phibbs encounters a giant hammerhead shark, marches in protest of the dictator Batista and leads her classmates to safety through the aftermath of a bomb’s explosion. One of her most terrifying memories takes readers three feet away from a man who attempted to kill Castro as he entered Havana in 1959.

The memoir introduces readers to characters ranging from fascinating to downright hysterical: Elena, a Galician woman who returns evil for good, suffers from the very revolution she envisioned, while the psychopathic Berta – the daughter of a police official – offers a slice of humor throughout the traumatic stories of the Cuban revolution. Readers also meet a skipper who coaxes his boat through a hurricane and a repairman whose manual skills come in handy during the revolution.

“I wanted to recreate the lost world of pre-Castro Cuba and illuminate some aspects of the revolution,” Phibbs says. “This is the only available history of these individuals and what happened to them.”

“Cuba, A Palace of Salt: Lives and Adventures of a Vanished World” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Liana Fernandez de Castro Phibbs grew up in Havana, where her grandfather founded the nation’s first and only lithographing plant in Cuba. She studied art at the University of Havana and at the Escuela de San Alejandro. The author and her family opposed the dictator Batista, and had hoped for a better life under the revolution. When Castro’s dictatorship took the form of firing squads and block watchers, she left for the United States with her family.

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