Recovering alcoholic, addict counselor helps readers understand nuts and bolts of 12 Step programs for both men and women, from atheist to believer

“12 Steps Unlocked” by Dell Miller and Linda Miller explores the culture of recovery and how it works in and outside of 12 Step meetings
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"12 Steps Unlocked"

"12 Steps Unlocked" by Dell Miller and Linda Miller

Dell and Linda Miller use their five decades of expertise with treating addictions to offer an unbiased look into recovery in their book “12 Steps Unlocked” (ISBN 0615525024). They show how understanding the 12 Steps can work for men and women in recovery.

Through their book, they examine a modern understanding of three characteristics of addictions. Offender patterns with their self-entitlement, victim patterns in numbing their emotional and physical pain and the binge/isolating patterns of alcoholism and addiction. 12 Step worksheets, which are included on their website, are designed to accommodate the three patterns of addiction. By showing how addictions deteriorate relationships and our-selves, they bring self-awareness to someone suffering from addictions.

Studies have shown only 5 percent of those first walking into 12 Step recovery from addictions/alcoholism stay. Often the religious overtone that surrounds meetings caused those who have felt conflicted, not to return. The author’s purpose in writing this book is to give a clear understanding of the principles of 12 Step recovery that anyone can follow. Dell Miller says, “This book introduces a refreshing perspective offering answers to some of the hardest questions we approach in working our sobriety/recovery in the 12 Steps.”

Written in part by a recovering alcoholic and addict, Dell and Linda hope readers will see the program from the inside out and understand how the networking of the fellowship is a crucial part of working the program. The author illustrates how the program works through sharing true stories of addicts in recovery.

Free access to information is available at including the downloadable 12 Step worksheets and more.

“12 Steps Unlocked” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Dell Miller is a certified alcohol and drug counselor who has been working in the field of addictions for more than three decades. Linda Miller has worked in the field of addictions for more than two decades. Both Dell and Linda have been running their own licensed alcohol and drug outpatient program in Oregon for the past 15 years. Dell is presenting for U.S. Journal Training, Inc, and other State Conferences for Addictions Counselors. He was a co-founder and clinical director of Prescott House. He is also the founder of With the help of Linda, Dell has previously authored “Re-Union Healing our Victim and Offender Patterns” and designed the “Sobriety Game” which was featured in the March 1987 issue of Newsweek magazine, cover story on “Alcoholism and the Family.”

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