Relationship exercise workbook by physician, scientist aims to bring couples closer by preparing them to resolve future controversial issues

Dr. Richard Fruncillo prepares couples for the obstacles they may face together down the road by testing their reactions and preaching compromise in “Not So Great Expectations: A Relationship Exercise for All Couples in Love”
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Not So Great Expectations

"Not So Great Expectations" by Dr. Richard Fruncillo

Dr. Richard Fruncillo’s background may be in pharmacology and toxicology, but in his nearly 60 years, he has learned a lot about relationships. In most of the relationships he has been in or observed, he has seen the wisdom of knowing what a significant other’s reaction to a certain situation would have been. In “Not So Great Expectations: A Relationship Exercise for All Couples in Love” (ISBN 1468000934), he provides others that knowledge by allowing committed couples to see how their partners would react to future life events.

Fruncillo, a scientist who believes we should approach relationships logically, noticed that a lot of self-help books are full of many words but few practical “take home” messages, and he wanted to change that. “Not So Great Expectations” is a short, concise, interactive workbook full of exercises that will take most couples a couple of hours to complete. Over that course of time, multiple life events, messages and reactions will be covered, allowing couples to learn more about their partners and to appreciate the value of compromise.  

“For a price that is cheaper than a movie ticket, a couple can experience a few hours of relationship insight, self-awareness and good, old-fashioned fun. This book is a great way to spend a few hours while traveling or waiting out a storm together, but also offers a couple the opportunity to learn vital compatibility information about one another,” says Fruncillo.

“Not So Great Expectations” isn’t meant to tear partners apart; rather Fruncillo’s goal is to unite partners over issues that are not necessarily a problem at that moment. He doesn’t want readers to worry about why they are different from their partners. Instead, he pushes the concepts of compromise and achieving a result that makes them happy and feeling positive about one another and the relationship.

“Not So Great Expectations: A Relationship Exercise for All Couples in Love” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Richard Fruncillo, M.D., Ph.D., is a former medical school instructor and an intensive care unit and clinical research physician. He has a degree in chemistry and a doctorate in biochemical pharmacology. He has written various publications in pharmacology and toxicology and presently serves as a consultant on those topics.

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